How do I contact Virgin Velocity?

How do I contact Virgin Velocity?

(866) 377-8642 Voice….Velocity Frequent Flyer Contact Centre Numbers.

Calling from Contact number
Australia 13 18 75
New Zealand 0800 230 875
Other International +61 2 8667 5924

How do I cancel my virgin Velocity account?

You can end your membership at any time by giving notice to us by phone or email. If you end your membership, we’ll close your Velocity account and you’ll forfeit all your member benefits.

Is Virgin Velocity still operating?

Although Velocity is owned by the Virgin Australia Group, it is a separate company and it is not in administration. That means we’re still operating, but we’ve made some temporary program changes in the interests of members.

Where is Virgin Australia head office?

Brisbane, AustraliaVirgin Australia Airlines / Headquarters

How do I contact Virgin Australia?

(855) 253-8021Virgin Australia Airlines / Customer service

Can Velocity points be transferred to Qantas?

Generally, you can’t transfer your points between different programs e.g transferring Velocity Points to the Qantas Frequent Flyer program and vice versa. This even applies to partnered airline schemes.

Who owns Velocity frequent flyer?

Virgin Australia Holdings
Velocity Frequent Flyer

Type Subsidiary
Headquarters Sydney, New South Wales , Australia
Services Customer insight and strategy Loyalty marketing and programs Customer experience management
Parent Virgin Australia Holdings

Do Velocity status credits expire?

Status Credits help determine your Velocity membership level – Platinum, Gold, Silver and Red. The more Status Credits you have, the higher your membership tier. Each Status Credit you earn is valid for 12 months.

What is Virgin Australia’s email address?

Please download, print and complete this baggage claim form and send to [email protected].

Where is Virgin Australia headquarters?

Can I transfer Velocity points to Emirates?

No, you cannot. Velocity and Qantas are direct competitors, which means that points in their frequent flyer programs can not be transferred back and forth. However, Velocity Points can be transferred to Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer.

Can I transfer Velocity points to Flybuys?

Velocity Points cannot be transferred to Flybuys. For ways to redeem your Velocity Points visit the Redeem Velocity Points page. All members of our Flybuys household are Velocity Frequent Flyer members.

Can you transfer Velocity points to Flybuys?