How do I download a BankLink file?

How do I download a BankLink file?

You can download installation files for BankLink Notes and Books from our website. Simply click on the appropriate Download button at the right of this page, save the file and run it from your desktop.

What is Bank Link?

The BankLink service electronically delivers bank transaction data from more than 100 participating banks and other financial institutions directly to the accountant. BankLink software is then used by the accountant to automatically code as many transactions as possible.

How do I export bank transactions from BankLink?

Export your Bank Account list

  1. From your BankLink toolbar, select Reports.
  2. Select Listings and then select List Chart of Accounts.
  3. In the List bank Accounts window, select File.
  4. In the Save Report to File window, select Comma separated (CSV) as the format.

How do I export Banklinks to excel?

Extract the data

  1. In BankLink Practice, find the client file containing the transactions that you want to export, and double click the file. The file opens.
  2. Click Extract Data on the client Home page.
  3. Enter the date range that you want to export.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Select the accounts that you want to process, and click OK.

Who owns BankLink?

BankLink’s evolution In June 2013, MYOB purchased the company to unite both companies’ service offerings for the benefit of New Zealand and Australian businesses.

Is linking bank accounts safe?

The short answer is yes, it’s safe to link bank accounts. Linking bank accounts is as safe as any other banking activity. The level of security provided depends on your bank or credit union.

How do I export from BankLink to Xero?


  1. Step one: Make adjustments in BankLink before exporting the file. Xero uses tracking instead of subcodes.
  2. Step two: Export and check BankLink file. Export the chart of accounts from BankLink in comma-separated values (CSV) format.
  3. Step three: Import BankLink file into Xero.

How do I import bank transactions into Excel?

Import bank transaction files (OFX, QFX, QBO, QIF, PDF, MT940) into Excel

  1. Log into online banking and download available QIF, OFX, QFX, QBO format.
  2. Start Bank2CSV and select the downloaded file.
  3. copy transactions to the clipboard, switch to Excel and paste.
  4. or save as Excel or CSV file.

How much does BankLink cost?

Transaction Per Month Subscription (Excluding GST)
0 – 100 $43.00
101 – 200 $49.00
201 – 300 $57.78
301 + P.O.A

When did BankLink start?

How BankLink began. BankLink was founded in 1986 in New Zealand by Malcolm MacDonald, Derek Jones and Steve Agnew. Their aim was to provide a time-saving service to accountants and their small business clients.

Can a third party access my bank account?

A third-party authority is a short-term agreement between you and someone you trust (the ‘nominee’). This could be a family member or close friend who can access your bank accounts and pay bills or withdraw money on your behalf.

How do I export transactions from BankLink?

How do I convert to Xero?

Before converting to Xero: Add your organisation to Xero. Choose the date you want to start recording transactions in Xero. Add a bank account and enter its opening balance….

  1. Importing & exporting data.
  2. Convert to Xero from another product.
  3. Convert to Xero from another accounting system.

Can Excel pull data from a bank account?

Money in Microsoft Excel will pull in data from your bank and other financial sources.

Can someone else withdraw money from my bank account for me?

If you’d like to authorize someone else to handle money in your bank account, most banks give several options. You have the option to give the person financial power of attorney and specify which transactions they’re allowed to make. Alternatively, you can change your account to give someone else access.

Is online banking safe from hackers?

Some risks of online banking could be your account getting hacked or the website or mobile app not working or being down for maintenance when you need it. That’s why it’s important to bank with an institution that uses strong security measures to protect your accounts and to take security precautions yourself.