How do I download Lorex?

How do I download Lorex?

To download recorded video to your PC / Mac:

  1. Launch the Lorex ECO Stratus Client software on your PC / Mac.
  2. Click the Playback tab.
  3. Click the channel you want to download from and click the Download Content icon ( ).
  4. Select the files you want to download and click Start Download.

How do I get Lorex on my computer?

To log in and set up your Lorex Client 11 software:

  1. Launch the Lorex Client 11 software on your computer.
  2. In the IP Address field, enter the DDNS or local IP address of your DVR.
  3. Enter your User Name.
  4. Enter the Password.
  5. Enter the Client Port value (default: 9000).
  6. Click Login.

Can I view my Lorex cameras on my computer?

The Lorex desktop software allows you to access and monitor your security system on a PC or Mac. We have two desktop software: Lorex Cloud Client and Lorex Client 13. Alternatively, you can also access and monitor your security system using your mobile device.

What app do I download for Lorex cameras?

We have three mobile apps that allow you to remotely access your security system using an iOS or Android smartphone: Lorex Cloud, Lorex Home, and Lorex Cirrus….The following DVRs for Analog HD MPX Systems are compatible with the Lorex Home app:

  • D841 / D841B Series.
  • D241 / D441 Series.
  • D861 Series.

How do I view Lorex cameras on my browser?

To view live video from your HD WiFi camera or DVR / NVR system using the FLIR Secure web portal:

  1. Go to
  2. Click SIGN IN.
  3. Log in to your My FLIR account.
  4. From the FLIR Secure web portal Home Page, click Live Viewing.

How do I access my Lorex IP camera?

To connect IP cameras using a router or PoE switch:

  1. Right-click on the Live View to access the Quick Menu.
  2. Click Device Search.
  3. Log in using your administrator login information.
  4. Select the camera you would like to add.
  5. Click Add, the status indicator will turn green if the camera is successfully connected.

What apps work with Lorex?

App Compatibility

Model App
LNWDB1 Doorbell Lorex Home
V261LCD-E Floodlight Lorex Home
W281AA / W282CA Lorex Home
W261ASC Lorex Home

Is the Lorex Home app free?

Lorex Home is a free mobile app that lets you view live and recorded video from your security cameras and change system settings from anywhere. Enjoy hassle-free remote access from any- where with no monthly fees. The Lorex Home app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

What’s the difference between Lorex Cloud and Lorex Home?

This Lorex app will let you do specific things and configurations that you cannot on different apps. The Lorex Home request to create an account that provides unique access to the cameras different than the Lorex Cloud, where you can see your device just by downloading the app.

How do I connect my iPhone to Lorex?

To setup the Lorex netHD app for iPhone:

  1. Launch the Lorex netHD app for iPhone.
  2. Tap the Options icon ( ) and then tap the Devices icon ( ).
  3. Tap the Plus icon ( ).
  4. Configure the following:
  5. Tap the Save icon ( ).
  6. Tap Start live view to open the Live View screen and show video from your cameras.

How can I watch my Lorex camera on my TV?

A: In order to view your device on a TV or monitor, you need to have a streaming device either built into the TV or monitor (e.g. Chromecast built-in or Fire TV built-in) or attach the streaming device to the TV or monitor’s HDMI port (e.g. Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, etc.).