How do I enable a sidekick component?

How do I enable a sidekick component?

Enable/Disable Components Click Edit on the Paragraph system (Design of par). A dialog will be opened, listing the component groups that are shown in the Sidekick together with the individual components that they contain. Select as required to add, or remove, the components to be available in the sidekick.

What is AEM sidekick?

The sidekick is the most important tool you’ll use when maintaining content in CQ. It serves as your control panel and toolbox. It is important to become familiar with the sidekick and its functions.

How do you get sidekick in AEM?

Sidekick is available in AEM 6.3 with Classic UI mode as exactly same as AEM 6.1 and AEM 6.2. Check the init. jsp is added to your page component.

What is CQ5 component?

First lets understand what is a component in Adobe CQ5 or AEM:- Components are re-usable, modular units used to achieve specific functionality that can be present on webpage. The main advantage of having a component is it is modular and isolated individual units that can be reused across the application.

How do I enable components in AEM?

You can use Design mode to enable/disable such components….Configuring the Design of a Component

  1. Select the Design mode.
  2. Tap or click on a component with a blue border.
  3. Use the Configure icon to open the dialogue.

How do I create a tab component in AEM?

Items Tab. Use the Add button to open the component selector to choose which component to add as a tab. Once added, an entry is added to the list, which contains the following columns: Icon – The icon of the component type of the tab for easy identification in the list.

How do I open classic UI in AEM?

Go to Projects (http://localhost:4502/projects.html). Select the user icon in the top right hand corner. Select the settings icon. Change Authoring Mode to Classic.

Which script you should include to display sidekick?

Which script you should include to display sidekick? init. jsp should be included in our jsp or script file to display sidekick.

What is difference between AEM and CQ5?

I have seen AEM 6.0, the core of it is the same as CQ5. I checked out the examples, all the examples are the same, the only difference I found was the UI of WCM i.e. there is a new look and feel for it but you can still switch to the classic mode. CQ5 still encourages coding in JSP i.e. it still uses scriplets.

What does CQ5 stand for?

Adobe Communique 5 (Adobe CQ5), currently manifested as Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), is a web-based content management system which is developed to help businesses in offering high-end digital experience to their customers.

What is design mode in AEM?

Templates that are created with editable templates should be edited using the template editor. Design mode is only available for design configurations stored as content under ( /etc ). Starting in AEM 6.4, it is recommended to store designs as configuration data under /apps to support continuous deployment scenarios.

How do I create a custom component in AEM?

Custom Component

  1. Starter Project. NOTE.
  2. Create Component Definition. In the ui.
  3. Create the HTL script. Beneath the byline folder, add a new file byline.
  4. Create the Dialog definition.
  5. Create the Policy dialog.
  6. Deploy the code.
  7. Add an image to the AEM Assets.
  8. Author the component.

What is Accordion component AEM?

The Core Component Accordion component allows for the creation of a collection of components, composed as panels, and arranged in an accordion on a page, similar to the Tabs Component, but allows for expanding and collapsing of the panels. The accordion’s properties can be defined in the configure dialog.

What are out of box components in AEM?

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) comes with a variety of out-of-the-box components that provide comprehensive functionality for website authors….General Usage

  • Configure Properties.
  • Edit Content.
  • Edit Content – Full Screen Mode.

What is AEM classic UI?

The classic UI uses ExtJS to create widgets that provide the look-and-feel of the components. Due to the nature of these widgets there are some differences between how components interact with the classic UI and the touch-enabled UI.

What is cq in AEM?

AEM has the page component ( cq:Page ). This is a specific type of resource that is important for content management. A page corresponds to a web page holding content for your website.

What are the advantages of AEM CMS CQ5 over another CMS?

The biggest benefit of AEM is that it simplifies the management and delivery of a website’s content. AEM comes loaded with five modules—Sites, Assets, Mobile, Forms, and Community—which together make it a top-notch CMS platform to create and deliver high-traffic websites, forms, and mobile applications.

What is the difference between CQ5 and AEM?

When did CQ become AEM?

Adobe Systems renamed Day CQ5 as Adobe CQ5 after acquiring Day Software in 2010. Following the release of the fifth version of CQ5 i.e., 5.5, Adobe renamed it as Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) in 2013 with a sixth version AEM 5.6.