How do I enable Xp_cmdshell?

How do I enable Xp_cmdshell?


  1. Navigate to Windows Start Menu -> Microsoft SQL Server 2005 -> Configuration Tools and then click on “SQL Server 2005 Surface Area Configuration.”
  2. Select “Surface Area Configuration for Features.”
  3. From the left panel, select “xp_cmdshell.”
  4. Place a check next to “Enable xp_cmdshell.”
  5. Click “Apply” and then “Ok.”

How do I enable OLE automation procedures?

By default, SQL Server blocks access to OLE Automation stored procedures because this component is turned off as part of the security configuration for this server. A system administrator can enable access to OLE Automation procedures by using sp_configure.

Where is the Xp_cmdshell stored procedure?

The xp_cmdshell is an extended stored procedure provided by Microsoft and stored in the master database. It allows execution of operating system commands and host executables from the T-SQL code directly in the Windows command outside the controls of database access permissions.

Why is Xp_cmdshell a security risk?

The main reason we block xp_cmdshell is it is a method of running operating system commands in the context of the SQL Server account. For most database setups, this isn’t needed. As a result, we disable it (or leave it disabled on the newer versions of SQL Server). If you don’t need it, then leave it disabled.

How do I enable Xp_cmdshell in SQL Server 2012?

Enable or Disable xp_cmdshell with SSMS Facets From within SSMS, right click on the instance name and select Facets. In the Facet dropdown, change to Server Security as shown below. You can then change the setting for XpCmdShellEnabled as needed to either True or False.

How do I know if OLE automation is enabled?

To determine if “Ole Automation Procedures” option is enabled, execute the following query: EXEC SP_CONFIGURE ‘show advanced options’, ‘1’; RECONFIGURE WITH OVERRIDE; EXEC SP_CONFIGURE ‘Ole Automation Procedures’;

What is OLE automation procedures used for?

SQL Server “OLE Automation Procedures” enables the SQL Server to leverage OLE to interact with other COM objects. Data security-wise, this increases the attack surface.

What is Cmdshell?

The xp_cmdshell is a very powerful extended procedure used to run the command line (cmd). This is very useful to run tasks in the operative system like copying files, create folders, share folders, etc. using T-SQL.

Is Xp_cmdshell enabled?

To determine if xp_cmdshell is enabled, execute the following commands: EXEC SP_CONFIGURE ‘show advanced option’, ‘1’; RECONFIGURE WITH OVERRIDE; EXEC SP_CONFIGURE ‘xp_cmdshell’;

How do I get a list of files in a directory in SQL?

How to get the list of all the files in a folder in SQL table?

  1. directory – This is the directory path of any files .
  2. depth – It specify the subfolder levels to display. The default of 0 will display all subfolders.
  3. file – This will either display files as well as each folder. The default of 0 will not display any files.

Who can run Xp_cmdshell?

By default, only sysadmin logins can enable and invoke xp_cmdshell, but a sysadmin login can grant permission to enable and invoke xp_cmdshell to one or a set of non-sysadmin logins.

What is OLE Automation Server?

Automation (OLE Automation) is a way for one application to manipulate the exposed objects (properties and methods) of another application. Automation controllers are client applications that can manipulate the exposed objects of another application called an Automation server.

How do I know if OLE Automation is enabled?

How do I reconfigure SQL Server?

Use sp_configure to display or change server-level settings. To change database-level settings, use ALTER DATABASE . To change settings that affect only the current user session, use the SET statement.

How to enable XP_cmdshell in SP_configure?

SQL SERVER – Enable xp_cmdshell using sp_configure. The xp_cmdshell option is a server configuration option that enables system administrators to control whether the xp_cmdshell extended stored procedure can be executed on a system. Here is the code which is displayed in the code above. You can run it in your SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).

What is XP_cmdshell in SQL Server?

The xp_cmdshell option is a SQL Server server configuration option that enables system administrators to control whether the xp_cmdshell extended stored procedure can be executed on a system. By default, the xp_cmdshell option is disabled on new installations.

What permissions does XP_cmdshell need to run?

When first enabled, xp_cmdshell requires CONTROL SERVER permission to execute and the Windows process created by xp_cmdshell has the same security context as the SQL Server service account. The SQL Server service account often has more permissions than are necessary for the work performed by the process created by xp_cmdshell.

How to configure XP_cmdshell to use the least privileged account?

Use the sp_xp_cmdshell_proxy_accountsystem procedure to configure xp_cmdshellto use that least-privileged account. Note You can also configure this proxy account using SQL Server Management Studio by right-clicking Propertieson your server name in Object Explorer, and looking on the Securitytab for the Server proxy accountsection.