How do I extend a region in logic?

How do I extend a region in logic?

Lengthen regions to remove gaps between them

  1. In Logic Pro, select the regions you want to lengthen.
  2. Choose Edit > Trim > Region End to Next Region (or use the corresponding key command). The selected regions are lengthened to end at the start point of the next region on the track.

How do you stretch notes in logic?

Press Cmd-A to select all the notes in that region, or select-drag to select the ones you want to time stretch. in the toolbar of the Piano Roll window go to Functions->MIDI Transform->Double Speed. the note you want to move is on beat 5 and you want to move it to beat 4.

How do I change my tempo region in logic?

Choose Edit > Tempo > Adjust Tempo using Region Length and Locators. A dialog asks if you want to change the tempo of the entire project, or create a tempo change for the section of the project occupied by the selected region.

What does command f do in logic?

Key commands for Global Commands in Logic Pro

Function Key command
Show/Hide Colors Option-C
Enter/Exit Full Screen Control-Command-F
Open Movie Option-Command-O
Toggle Current Track Automation Off/Read Control-Command-O

How do I stretch a MIDI track in logic?

This is how you can stretch a whole MIDI sequence in Logic Pro X.

  1. Record some notes with your favorite instrument.
  2. Place the mouse cursor over the lower right end of your sequence.
  3. Hold down the option key and drag the sequence to the right.
  4. The sequence and all embedded notes will stretch.
  5. Enjoy πŸ™‚

What is time stretching in sound editing?

Time stretching is the process of changing the speed or duration of an audio signal without affecting its pitch. Pitch scaling is the opposite: the process of changing the pitch without affecting the speed. Pitch shift is pitch scaling implemented in an effects unit and intended for live performance.

How long is a tick in logic?

A tick is a measurement of MIDI resolution. There are 960 ticks in a beat. A one second β€œbeat” has 960 ticks of 1.04 milliseconds. A 10 tick movement would be approximately 1/100th of a second – .