How do I find American Law Reports?

How do I find American Law Reports?

Westlaw. To access American Law Reports in Westlaw, start typing “american law reports” in the search bar and select “American Law Reports.” You can select a topic of interest or search across all reports.

What is American Law Reports used for?

In American law, the American Law Reports are a resource used by American lawyers to find a variety of sources relating to specific legal rules, doctrines, or principles.

How do I find American Law Reports on Lexis?

If you have a citation to an ALR annotation, you can retrieve that ALR article on Lexis by typing in the volume, ALR series, and page number into the Lexis search box and hit enter. Lexis should take you right to that ALR article.

How is ALR kept up to date?


  1. Provides the flexibility of word searching the annotations generally, the titles, the index, or by particular article citations.
  2. ALR, 3d, is kept up-to-date by pocket supplements in the bound volumes.
  3. Learn about recent cases affecting any ALR article with the toll-free Latest Case Hotline Service.

Can you cite to ALR?

Cite discussions in selective case reporters (such as American Law Reports and Lawyer’s Reports Annotated) by the author’s full name, followed by the designation “Annotation” in ordinary roman type and the title of the work in italics: Elaine K.

How do I Bluebook ALR?

The citation should contain:

  1. Author.
  2. the word “Annotation”
  3. Title (italicized or underlined)
  4. ALR Volume.
  5. ALR Series (see chart 24.1 for abbreviations)
  6. Page (if pinpoint citing, both the initial page and the pinpoint reference)
  7. Copyright date of volume.

How is ALR different from Amjur?

American Law Reports Unlike a legal encyclopedia, ALR annotations are very specific in coverage, dealing with narrow topics. These topics are discussed with more depth and detail than those presented in a legal encyclopedia.

Is ALR a legal encyclopedia?

American Law Reports (ALR) combines elements of both legal encyclopedias and case reporters. ALR contains articles, known as annotations, which are very similar to articles one might find in a legal encyclopedia. Unlike a legal encyclopedia, ALR annotations are very specific in coverage, dealing with narrow topics.

Is ALR primary authority?

Types of Authority Secondary authority is located in legal encyclopedias, jurisprudences, and Amerian Law Reports (ALR), among others.

How much is LexisNexis a month?


Frequency Each Report
Weekly $59
Monthly $75
Update Now Price based on the frequency of the Alert being updated. Price based on the frequency of the Alert being updated
On Demand (only available in Rosetta Platform) $20

How do I access American jurisprudence?

American Jurisprudence 2d is also available on LexisNexis Academic. To access this legal encyclopedia online, go to USC Electronic Databases (accessed from USC Law Library’s Online Resources page). From there you can enter “LexisNexis Academic” in the search box.

How do I access American Jurisprudence?

Does ALR cover federal law?

series covers federal law issues. A citation to an A.L.R. annotation includes the series designation as well as the volume number and initial page number (e.g., 25 A.L.R. 2d 788 is a citation to an annotation that begins on page 788 of volume 25 of the second series of A.L.R.).