How do I find maximum size of tablespace?

How do I find maximum size of tablespace?

So the right query is: select TABLESPACE_NAME, sum(decode(AUTOEXTENSIBLE, ‘YES’, MAXBYTES, BYTES)) MAX_SIZE from DBA_DATA_FILES group by TABLESPACE_NAME; This has been tested on 11g but it should also work on 10g. It gives you the maximum size of each tablespace in bytes.

How do I check my free space in tablespace?

totalspace))||’%’ “Free Space %” FROM (SELECT tablespace_name, ROUND(SUM(bytes) / 1048576) totalspace FROM dba_data_files GROUP BY tablespace_name) dfq, (SELECT tablespace_name, ROUND(SUM(bytes) / (1024 * 1024)) AS totalusedspace FROM dba_segments GROUP BY tablespace_name) dsq WHERE dfq. tablespace_name = dsq.

How do I know the size of my tablespace?

This query will show you what’s there and how much space are free to use.

  1. SELECT df. tablespace_name “Tablespace”,
  2. totalusedspace “Used MB”,
  3. (df. totalspace – tu. totalusedspace) “Free MB”,
  4. df. totalspace “Total MB”,
  5. ROUND(100 * ( (df. totalspace – tu.
  6. FROM.
  7. (SELECT tablespace_name,
  8. ROUND(SUM(bytes) / 1048576) TotalSpace.

What is Oracle default tablespace?

Default tablespaces in Oracle Oracle comes with the following default tablespaces: SYSTEM , SYSAUX , USERS , UNDOTBS1 , and TEMP . The SYSTEM and SYSAUX tablespaces store system-generated objects such as data dictionary tables. And you should not store any object in these tablespaces.

How do I change the maximum size of a tablespace in Oracle?

sure — in fact you cannot really change the size of a tablespace without the database being UP!

  1. alter tablespace table_space_name add datafile ‘/path/to/some/file. dbf’ size Xm;
  2. alter database datafile ‘/path/to/some/existing/file. dbf’ resize Xm;
  3. alter database datafile ‘/path/to/some/existing/file.

How do you determine database size from OS level?

DB size can be verified from the transaction DB02. If you want to see the allocated file system size at OS level, then yes it is the same as the size allocated (used space out of total space of that particular file system) to /oracle/SID/sapdata*.

How do you check the size of the datafile in Oracle?

Size of Oracle database

  1. The size of the Oracle database files can be computed several ways: — get database size from v$datafile: select round((sum(bytes)/1048576/1024),2) from v$datafile;
  2. The size of the sum of table extents. select. segment_name table_name,
  3. The sum of the size of the data within the tables.

What is the maximum size of tablespace in Oracle?

The maximum size of the single datafile or tempfile is 128 terabytes (TB) for a tablespace with 32 K blocks and 32 TB for a tablespace with 8 K blocks.

How do I change the size of a tablespace in Oracle?

Increase the size of the tablespace If you haven’t turned on the autoextend feature and want to resize the tablespace, then do the following: For bigfile tablespaces: Resize the tablespace using the ALTER TABLESPACE command. You can specify the size in kilobytes (K), megabytes (M), gigabytes (G), or terabytes (T).