How do I find old magazine articles?

How do I find old magazine articles?

If you have a specific magazine in mind, you can search for the title using the Journal Search. Many articles can be found by using the library search. Using Advanced Search, you can limit your search to articles by selecting the option above the search box.

Can I order back issues of Time magazine?

Whether you’re just a fan of America’s first weekly news magazine or you’re looking for specific historically related articles, Time magazine back issues can be found online, if you’re looking to add a specific magazine to your collection.

How do you preserve old magazine pages?

Place the magazine and the piece cardboard in a plastic sleeve. The plastic sleeve will keep away dust and moisture. Plastic sleeves come in a variety of sizes. You can purchase plastic sleeves from your nearest office supply store.

How do you store years of magazines?

To store magazines long term, you can:

  1. Hire space in a purpose-built storage unit.
  2. Wrap individual magazines in protective materials.
  3. Seal magazines in archival plastic bags, or a similar protective case.
  4. Put in a box designed for paper, and separate with cardboard.
  5. Put in another secure box and prepare for storage.

Is there any value in old magazines?

Most any older periodicals can have some value depending on how many people want it. As an example, to those who gather sports memorabilia, finding a copy of the first Sports Illustrated magazine published in 1954 can be a real treasure. They easily retail for thousands in excellent to mint condition.

What is blue Time magazine?

The Independent National Voice of Law Enforcement A Magazine owned and operated by Active and Retired law enforcement officers. We are Blue.

What is the database of an article?

Databases of journal articles are sometimes called journal indexes. They contain the who/what/where information about journal articles. They tell you who published a journal article on what topic and where to find it in the print or electronic journals.

How do you preserve a magazine collection?

How do you preserve old magazines?

To preserve the magazine in the future, West advises storing it in an archival plastic sleeve. Both archival tape and plastic sleeves should be available through an art supply store; if you have trouble locating these items, try the conservation supply company called Talas (