How do I fix my hot tub control panel?

How do I fix my hot tub control panel?

No Display on Topside Control Panel

  1. Reset Spa Controller, power down and restart.
  2. Check for condensation under display glass.
  3. Check cable for crimps or any visible damage.
  4. Clean plug-in cable connections on both ends.
  5. Check power at Transformer on control circuit board.
  6. Check power at fuse on spa control circuit board.

How do I reset my Cal spa hot tub?

Remove the spa cover and allow water to cool. At 107°F, the spa should automatically reset. If spa does not reset, shut off the power to the spa and call customer service.

Are hot tub control panels Universal?

Depending on the model of hot tub you have, there are many different kind of hot tub topside control panels with different options. Some older spas have only one button—others have eight or more.

Where is the reset button on a Cal Spa?

Note that all spas don’t have this feature. Clear any blockages or debris covering the drain or Cal Spa filter, then reset by depressing any button located on the top side panel.

How much does it cost to replace a hot tub control panel?

Cost to Replace a Spa Pack / Controls: Digital Spa Packs average $750. Control systems average $450. Cost to Replace Spa Jets: The cost to replace a spa jet varies from $20-$50 on average. Cost to Replace Spa Circuit Board: Hot tub PCBs range from $200-$600, with an average cost of $300.

What is SL mode on hot tub?

While your hot tub is in sleep mode (or ‘SL’ & SLP mode on some models), the jets will operate occasionally to filter the water. In sleep mode, your hot tub’s heater will usually only kick on once the temperature dips below 20 degrees of the set temperature.

How do I reset my Cal Spa hot tub?

What kind of control panel does a Cal Spa have?

Cal Spas 4 button control panel and overlay 55324-01 Balboa VL406T control panel with a Cal Spa 4 button overlay and a 8-pin phone style plug. This Cal Spa VL406T control panel is also used in Great Lakes and other brand hot tubs.

How big is the Cal spa top side control panel ele09002094?

Cal Spas Topside Control Panel ELE09002094 or CALELE09002094a is a special order item. Please allow 5-8 days for shipment of this factory original control panel. Includes the overlay. CSTP400U DISCONTINUED Cal Spas Topside Control Panel ELE09204030 3-Button. Panel Measures 7 Inches Across. Replaces Balboa 55354-04

What is the model number of the Cal spa sys3000 topside?

CAL SPA System 3000 Topside Control Panel ELE09200620 with Blower and Back Lite Display, S/N 50962, Seven Button Panel, Turbo, Mode, Jets 1, Jets 2, Lite, Warm, Cool, LCD Display. Replaces CALELE09200620 and Balboa Number 50962. SYS3000 topside with… CAL SPA ELE09200420 System 1100 Topside Control Panel, Premier.

Does the cole700s control panel include the Cal spa 9 overlay?

Includes the Cal Spa 9 button overlay Cal Spas Cole700S Control Panel ELE09204250 is a special order item. Please allow 7-10 day for shipment of this factory original control panel. Includes the overlay. Overlay and control panel has 6 buttons.