How do I force drop tablespace?

How do I force drop tablespace?

Introduction to Oracle DROP TABLESPACE statement First, specify the name of the tablespace that you want to drop after the DROP TABLESPACE keywords. Second, use the INCLUDE CONTENTS to delete all contents of the tablespace. If the tablespace has any objects, you must use this option to remove the tablespace.

How would you drop a tablespace if the tablespace were not empty?

You must first remove the tablespace from the database default temporary tablespace group and then drop it. You cannot drop a tablespace, even with the INCLUDING CONTENTS and CASCADE CONSTRAINTS clauses, if doing so would disable a primary key or unique constraint in another tablespace.

How do I restore a dropped tablespace?

1) Do a point in time recovery of the whole database until the time the tablespace was dropped. 2) Create a clone of the database from a valid backup, export the required tables from the tablespace which has been dropped, recreate the tablespace and then import the tables from the clone.

Can we drop tablespace in Oracle?

Using this Oracle DROP TABLESPACE command, we can drop the tablespace, any/all objects within it, and all associated data files on the hard disk. BE CAREFUL when using Oracle DROP TABLESPACE.

How do I drop a tablespace in Mysql?

Before dropping the tablespace, the table must be dropped. mysql> CREATE TABLESPACE `ts1` ADD DATAFILE ‘ts1. ibd’ Engine=InnoDB; mysql> CREATE TABLE t1 (c1 INT PRIMARY KEY) TABLESPACE ts1 Engine=InnoDB; mysql> DROP TABLE t1; mysql> DROP TABLESPACE ts1; This example demonstrates dropping an undo tablespace.

How do I restore a dropped tablespace in Oracle?

Restore Dropped Tablespace Tips

  1. create. tablespace tbs datafile ‘/tmp/tbs. dbf’ size 1m; Tablespace created.
  2. create. index idx_tbs. on. tbs(id) tablespace users;
  3. conn / as. sysdba. Connected. SQL>
  4. alter. database open resetlogs; Database altered. SQL>
  5. select. oldest_flashback_scn, to_char.

How do I restore a dropped table in Oracle using RMAN?

Recovering a Specific Table from Backup

  1. Select log_mode from v$database; –> Database should be in archivelog mode.
  2. Find the location to store the datafiles to the temporary database created in this step.
  3. Find the time stamp at which the table is dropped.
  4. RMAN > connect target /

How do I drop a DBF file in Oracle?

You use the DROP DATAFILE and DROP TEMPFILE clauses of the ALTER TABLESPACE command to drop a single datafile or tempfile. The datafile must be empty. (A datafile is considered to be empty when no extents remain allocated from it.)

How do I dispose of a tablespace before importing?

Please DISCARD the tablespace before IMPORT….Here is the solution steps:

  1. backup your database (structure with drop option and data)
  2. stop mysql engine service.
  3. remove the database directory manually from inside mysql/data.
  4. start mysql engine.
  5. create new database with any name different from your corrupted database.

What is tablespace in Mysql?

The system tablespace is the storage area for the InnoDB data dictionary, the doublewrite buffer, the change buffer, and undo logs. It may also contain table and index data if tables are created in the system tablespace rather than file-per-table tablespaces. The system tablespace can have one or more data files.

What is auxiliary destination?

The auxiliary destination, an optional location on disk which can be used to store any of the auxiliary set datafiles, control files and online logs of the auxiliary instance during TSPITR. Files stored here can be deleted after TSPITR is complete.

Can we recover dropped table in Oracle?

Oracle Flashback Drop reverses the effects of a DROP TABLE operation. It can be used to recover after the accidental drop of a table.

How do I restore a drop schema in Oracle?

Using flashback method, we can restore an accidentally dropped users in oracle. Basically, we will flashback the database to past, when the user was available, Then take an export dump of the schema, and restore the database to same current state.

How do I know if my tablespace is offline or online?

Check status of tablespace offline or online in Oracle Check the tablespace status is offline or online. SELECT TABLESPACE_NAME,STATUS FROM DBA_TABLESPACES; Take the tablespace offline.