How do I get internet settings on Zamtel?

How do I get internet settings on Zamtel?

How to Setup Zamtel Mobile Internet Settings

  1. Select internet settings from your phone.
  2. Select profile name and enter zamtelinternet.
  3. Go to and select home page/URL and enter
  4. Go to and select APN and enter zamtel.
  5. Select the port and enter 80.
  6. Select Proxy and enter

Does Zamtel have 4G network?

Zambian state-owned operator Zamtel has announced the launch of mobile 4G LTE network services in the Copperbelt region, reports the Lusaka Times.

How fast is Zamtel internet?

VELOCITY- UNCAPPED VOLUME. Velocity is an internet service that gives Zamtel LTE customers UNCAPPED volume to browse, stream and download at speed options of up to 20Mbps from as low as K479 per month.

How do I set up WIFI bundles on Zamtel?

How to Buy Bundles. Simply dial *117# press send and choose from our bundle menu.

How do I get unlimited data on Zamtel?

To buy a bundle using USSD, simply dial *355# from your Zamtel line select option (Velocity/Zamtel Home) From the menu displayed select your preferred bundle depending on the available airtime on your number. Select 88 to specify the number to purchase the bundle on and proceed to confirm the purchase.

Why is Zamtel network slow?

Zamtel has revealed that it recently suffered incidents of vandalism on its critical equipment which has resulted in downgraded internet service quality. Zamtel Chief Executive Officer Sydney Mupeta confirmed that preliminary investigations point to acts of vandalism by unknown people.

Is there 5G in Zambia?

MTN Zambia this week became the first telco to launch 5G in the Southern African nation. MTN said the 5G network pilot promises significant improved technology which will enhance faster connectivity speed, ultra-low latency and greater bandwidth.

How do I get free data bundles on Zamtel Zambia?

This offer allows all Zamtel prepaid mobile customers to buy more minutes and data bundles than any other network in Zambia at very affordable rates. The customer will be able to access the on-net offers by dialing the USSD code *117# and select option 3 for Zamtel to Zamtel offers.

Does Zamtel have unlimited data?

Our new unlimited data plans provides uninterrupted high speed connectivity and gives you world-class reliable internet. Get it today through ADSL, Fiber to The Home or LTE by sending a message to 0950003074 on WhatsApp or walk into any Zamtel retail outlets countrywide. SWITCH TODAY!

How do I get 6GB from Zamtel?

We are giving you 6GB and 60Mins Zamtel to Zamtel valid for a period of 30Days, if your SimCard has been off for 45 days or more! Dial *299#.

How much are bundles at Zamtel?

Standard Bundles Monthly

Validity Price Data Bundle
30 Days K30 1.6GB
30 Days K60 5.5GB
30 Days K100 11GB
30 Days K200 26GB

How do I activate free 5GB on Zamtel?

Overview. Zamtel Family, Dial *344# to complete your Zamtel Mobile Money registration NOW, and get a free Gift instantly. That’s a free 5GB data bundle and 100 On-net Minutes!

How much is unlimited data Zamtel?


Daily Offers
Offer Price ZMW Validity
Unlimited Voice 270 30 Days
Unlimited Data 320 30 Days
Unlimited Voice & Data 550 30 Days

How much is Zamtel unlimited data?

Is 5G network available in Zambia?

LUSAKA, Jan. 11 (Xinhua) — Zambia’s leading mobile services provider MTN rolled out its fifth-generation pilot mobile (5G) network on Tuesday, making it the first mobile service provider to do so in the southern African nation.

How does unlimited freedom work on Zamtel?

Unlimited Freedom is an Offer that allows mobile Prepaid Customers to make unlimited calls to Zamtel Mobile and Landline numbers plus unlimited browsing for a validity of 24hrs, 7 days and/or 30 days depending on one’s package of preference.

Is Starlink available in Zambia?

Star Link might be available to Zambia in 2022 depending on the telecommunication authority granting Starlink a go-ahead.