How do I get my account number from MetroPCS without a phone?

How do I get my account number from MetroPCS without a phone?

How to Find a Metro PCS Account Number

  1. Open the Message menu on your phone.
  2. Locate and open the latest text message bill notification from MetroPCS.
  3. Look through the text message.
  4. Call the current customer service number for MetroPCS (see Contact Us link in the reference section).

How do I find my 8 digit MetroPCS number?

If you have a lost MetroPCS PIN, you’ll have to get on the phone with customer service to get it sorted out. You account PIN (sometimes called Security Number) is an 8-digit number you created when setting up your account, or often times provided as the 8-digit birth date of the account holder.

How do I find my mobile account number?

Account Number: Normally the IMEI or MEID of the phone or if you brought your own phone, it’s the last 15 digits of the SIM card. PIN: Go to your My Account page then click Update personal profile and then Current Security PIN. If that field is blank, call Straight Talk at 1-877-430-2355.

How do I get my Metro PCS PIN number?

Metro PCS

  1. Account number: Nine-digit account number. Go to, login into your account, click on Payments and select any month.
  2. PIN number: Call-in passcode which is generally your eight-digit birth-date unless you’ve changed it.
  3. You can call Metro PCS at 1-888-863-8768.

What is the default SIM PIN for Metro?

The preset passcode is 000000. You can select Menu > Page 14 12 Settings > Security > Change Phone Lock Code to change your passcode to any numeric string of four to eight digits.

How do I activate a MetroPCS phone?

Be sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi on your phone and head to Metro by T-Mobile’s Self-Service Center. If you do not have Wi-Fi access, you can call Customer CARE at 1-888-8metro8 to activate. You may also activate using a computer with an internet connection—be sure to have your device nearby.

What is the 1 800 number for Metro PCS?

(888) 863-8768Metro by T-Mobile / Customer service

Does MetroPCS have text message records?

Choose “Recent Activity,” then select “Data.” The text and data information loads onto the screen. Next to each sent and received text is the exact time and the phone number it was sent to.

Can I get my Metro PCS call history?

MetroPCS allows users to check calling history at no charge through an online MetroPCS account. Dial “611” to access the “MyMetro” online account from the phone. If you have not set up an online account, you will be prompted to install “MyMetro” on the phone before you can view the calling history.

Does MetroPCS lock their SIM card?

MetroPCS uses SIM cards that can easily be unlocked so you just have to provide a bit of info in order to unlock your device.

What is a SIM card PUK for MetroPCS?

PIN unblocking key
You can select Menu > Settings > Security > Change PIN to change your PIN. The PIN unblocking key (PUK) can unlock a blocked PIN. Both PIN and PUK are delivered with the SIM card. For details, contact your service provider.

How many digits is a PIN number?

four digit
A personal identification number (PIN) is a unique four digit number sent to you upon request and can not be customized.

How do you contact Metro PCS?

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How do I look up my Metro PCS account?

MetroPCS: Login,Check Your History. Head over to MetroPCS and sign in – sorry,head over to Metro and sign in – to your account at

  • Call History: Android and iOS.
  • The myMetro Account App.
  • How do I access my MetroPCS account?

    How do I access my MetroPCS account? Procedure For MetroPCS Account Sign In. Go to the Metro PCS home page from here – www.MetroPCS.Com. Click on the Login/My Account option. Enter 8 digits Account PIN Number. Enter T-Mobile Mobile Number. Click on the Login button. Sooner, you will get a temporary 6-digit code for security purposes.

    How to contact MetroPCS?

    Contact MetroPCS customer support at toll-free or accesibility phone number. Call or write an email to resolve MetroPCS issues: Payments and Charges, Product/ Service, Request for Information. Visit the company website or help center for more information.