How do I get Night Owl on my Android?

How do I get Night Owl on my Android?

Go to the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) to download and install the Night Owl Connect App on your Smart Device.

Can you view Night Owl on phone?

To download the Night Owl Connect App for viewing on your iOS or Android Smart Device, please visit the App Store or Google Play Store on your Smart Device and search for Night Owl Connect. To download the Night Owl Connect CMS for viewing on your PC or Mac, please click the link below.

How can I view my Night Owl cameras online?

Live View will show live footage from the cameras connected to your Night Owl device.

  1. To access live view, click the “Details” tab for the device you want to view on the My Devices page.
  2. Under Settings, click on “Open Live View Page.”
  3. You will now see the Live View for your connected cameras.

Is Night Owl compatible with Google home?

Night Owl Connect and your Google Assistant work together to help you Secure, Protect, and Connect your worlds. Using simple voice commands, you will be able to view live feeds, initiate recordings, and control all of your Night Owl connected devices.

Can I look at my Night Owl cameras online?

All Night Owl products include free remote viewing! All you need to do is connect your device to the Internet and download the compatible app or CMS. This ensures our customers have 24/7 access to their security, no matter where they travel, all from the convenience of their Smart Device or computer.

How can I watch my Night Owl cameras online?

How do I access Night Owl DVR remotely?

What is Night Owl compatible with?

The Night Owl AHD7-DVR8-2TB DVR is compatible with analog CCTV cameras, 720p AHD cameras and 1080p AHD cameras. There is not much of a price difference between low definition analog CCTV cameras and 1080p analog high definition security cameras, so CCTV Camera Pros recommends going with the high resolution option.

How can I view my night owl cameras online?

Can I watch my Night Owl cameras on my laptop?

You can view your system using the Night Owl HD CMS Software on a PC/Mac® or by downloading the Night Owl HD app on your Smart Device.

Is Night Owl still in business?

Not anymore. The brand discontinued their cloud service for video monitoring, but it’s still easy to monitor Night Owl cameras yourself using the NVR or DVR.