How do I get traffic updates on my TomTom?

How do I get traffic updates on my TomTom?

Check that LIVE Services are activated on your navigation device.

  1. From the Main Menu tap Services and then tap My Services .
  2. Make sure that the Traffic service subscription is valid and activated.

Why is TomTom traffic not working?

Make sure your device is fully charged. A low battery may prevent your device from receiving TomTom Services. Make sure that you’re in a country with TomTom Services coverage.

Is TomTom still around?

Today, TomTom is the leading independent geolocation technology specialist. Our decades of driver insights go into everything we do – maps for automated driving, navigation software for top car brands, maps APIs for leading tech companies and traffic data for all.

How much does TomTom traffic cost?

Subscription Plans 1 month for 3.99. Billed monthly, cancel anytime. 12 months for 29.99.

How much data does TomTom traffic use?

How much data will TomTom services use? On average, if you drive for one hour per day during peak traffic times, you will use approximately 7 MB of data per month. This is less than the equivalent of downloading or streaming 2 music tracks per month (which use around 5MB each).

Does TomTom show live traffic?

A powerful duo, TomTom Traffic Incidents and TomTom Traffic Flow observe congestion and incidents to provide real-time information about traffic jams and road closures. Together, they deliver a detailed view of the current speed and travel times across the entire road network.

Where can I find TomTom Traffic data?

We also provide direct access to TomTom Traffic data, enabling server-to-server integration with traffic control center, routing, navigation and mapping applications. Data is available on the TomTom Map or via OpenLR format for map-agnostic delivery.

How accurate is TomTom Traffic?

TomTom Traffic gives you insanely accurate traffic information, in real-time. You’ll know where traffic has slowed down and why. What you see on your screen is what you’ll find on the road.

How do I update my TomTom device using MyDrive Connect?

Log in with your TomTom account if prompted, and wait until your device is turned on. When your device is connected, MyDrive Connect automatically checks for updates and syncs any changes from your device.