How do I log into stream Massey?

How do I log into stream Massey?

If you’re presented with the login page, sign in using:

  1. your student ID (eg and password if you’re an enrolled student.
  2. your Massey network username (eg [email protected]) and network password.

How do I add a course to Massey?

You can add, change or withdraw from qualifications and courses by going to the Qualification and courses tab in the student portal.

How many courses can you take in summer school Massey?

(a) The maximum credits students may take in Semester One, Semester Two and the Double Semester shall not exceed 150 credits. Students shall not enrol in more than 75 credits per semester. Students shall not enrol in more than 60 credits for Summer School.

When can I apply for Massey?

1 Check the application deadlines

Semester of study Application deadline
Semester of study Semester One (February to June) Application deadline 1 November (year before)
Semester of study Semester Two (July to November) Application deadline 1 May (same year)

What is my Massey pin?

Your Massey student ID number is your Username and your 4-digit PIN is your Password. You can find your ID number and PIN on your enrolment confirmation letter. Alternatively, please ring the 0800 MASSEY (0800 627 739) or +64 6 350 5701 (from outside NZ) to retrieve your ID and PIN.

Can you be enrolled in two universities at once NZ?

Concurrent study is where you study papers at 2 different education providers that are credited towards 1 recognised programme. The recognised programme must: have academic approval from the Heads of Department at both tertiary education providers (evidence must be provided)

How many credits do you get a year at uni?

120 credits
The typical number of credits required to pass each academic year is 120 credits for an undergraduate degree and 180 credits for a master’s degree.

How long does it take to hear back about a university application?

Most unis will have made a decision by the end of March, while others will wait until May to give you an answer. There’s no set waiting time. Some students will hear back in three days and some three weeks. This is completely normal and not a reflection of your application.

Is Massey University internationally Recognised?

Massey University is an exciting and progressive New Zealand university. We offer internationally recognized research-led qualifications that are hugely relevant in today’s world.

How can I get free university?

11 Ways to Get Your University Degree For Free

  1. If you never earn more than the threshold, your degree is free.
  2. Means-tested student funding and fee reduction.
  3. Maintenance Grant.
  4. Special Support Grant.
  5. Travel grants.
  6. University bursaries and grants.
  7. NHS sponsorship.
  8. Sponsorship from the Armed Forces.

What happens to fees-free if you fail?

As long as you meet the eligibility criteria, you won’t be required to pay tuition fees in your first year, even if you fail one or more papers and there is no requirement for students to pay back the fees-free amount for any papers that they have failed.

How do I know if I am accepted to university?

Estimated Decision Notification Date These days, most college acceptance letters will arrive as either an email or application status update on a college’s own application portal. Afterward, you’ll usually receive a hard copy of your acceptance letter in the mail and further updates via email or mail.