How do I program my voxx remote start?

How do I program my voxx remote start?

Remote Starting Your Vehicle To activate the remote start function, press and release the button 2 times within 2 seconds. The system will sound, the parking lights will flash 1 time and the system will check the vehicle to ensure it is safe to start. If all safety parameters are correct, the vehicle will start.

Why is my prestige remote start not working?

If your remote starter system isn’t working properly, try replacing the battery in your fob. You can find replacement key fob batteries at Batteries Plus. Most remote starter fobs run on 2032 lithium coin cell batteries. This one may seem obvious, but if your vehicle is not in “Park” your remote starter will not work.

How do I program my prestige 91p remote?

To do this:

  1. With the system unlocked or disarmed, turn the ignition key to the on position.
  2. Press and release the Program/Override push-button switch three times The unit will flash the parking lights and or beep the horn once to indicate that the system is in the transmitter program mode.

How do you flash Flrsba?

Press and hold the antenna button. Cycle ignition ON three times [3x ON/OFF] rapidly. The parking lights will flash once [1x], the horn will chirp once [1x], the antenna LED will flash twice [2x] rapidly then once [1x].

Where is valet button?

It is a small, black, momentary button that is usually mounted in an accessible, but not obvious location towards the bottom of the driver’s side dash. A common location would be on the driver’s kick panel cover, or on the side of the center console (if the vehicle has one).

What is the valet button on a prestige remote?

The valet switch allows you to temporarily bypass all alarm functions, eliminating the need to hand your transmitter to parking attendants or garage mechanics. When the system is in valet mode, all alarm functions are bypassed, however the remote panic feature and remote door locks will remain operational.

Where is the valet button on a code alarm?

Typical locations for valet switch: Under the driver’s side dash (mounted in the under-dash covering trim panel or wire-tied to a harness) Mounted in the driver’s side kick panel.

What is Flashlogic?

Flashlogic’s flagship web-programmable ‘all-in-one’ CAN interface. Supports data immobilizer bypass and doorlock integration for over 3400 vehicles 1997 to date including exclusive KLON firmware applications.

How do I flash a Flashlogic module?

How do I start flashing Flashlogic products?

  1. Register a Weblink account.
  2. Connect your module to your PC using the Weblink Updater cable.
  3. Click on ‘Flash your module’ on the top right corner of the web page and log in.
  4. Select an option from the flashing menu and follow the on-screen steps.

How do I flash remote start?


  1. Connect the USB Flashlink tool to the computer without the remote starter connected to it.
  2. Wait and see if the LED on Flashlink turns red.
  3. If it does not, disconnect and reconnect.
  4. Connect the remote starter.
  5. Wait and see if Flashlink turns green and if on the remote starter only red is lit.