How do I put text over an image in HTML table?

How do I put text over an image in HTML table?

Simply add the text before and after the tags and add a linebreak. You also have two closing element after each image.

How do I put text under a table in HTML?


tag must be inserted immediately after the


How do you put a caption below a table?

Add captions

  1. Select the object (table, equation, figure, or another object) that you want to add a caption to.
  2. On the References tab, in the Captions group, click Insert Caption.
  3. In the Label list, select the label that best describes the object, such as a figure or equation.

How do you put text under a table in CSS?

To put the caption below the table we can use the CSS caption-side property. This property is used to specify the position where the table caption is placed. It is used in HTML Tables. This property can be used with any element whose display property set to caption-side.

What is the text below a picture called?

Photo captions, also known as cutlines, are a few lines of text used to explain and elaborate on published photographs.

How do I show an image in a text box?

How do I embed an image in a text box?

  1. Position your cursor in the text box at the point you want to embed the image.
  2. Click on the Insert/Edit Image icon.
  3. Click Browse Server.
  4. Hover your cursor over the folder you want to store the image file then click on Upload File.
  5. Click Browse.

What are the attributes of input type image?

In addition to the attributes shared by all elements, image button inputs support the following attributes.

  • alt.
  • formaction.
  • formenctype.
  • formmethod.
  • formnovalidate.
  • formtarget.
  • height.
  • src.

What is image caption in HTML?

The HTML element represents a caption or legend describing the rest of the contents of its parent element.