How do I reset my Espar controller?

How do I reset my Espar controller?

Also how to perform an Espar heater reset….For Airtronic D2/D4 heaters using the DIGI-DIAGNOSTIC TOOL/CONTROLLER:

  1. While in diagnostic mode push and hold both arrow buttons until “EE” is displayed on the screen.
  2. To exit diagnostic mode hit the ON / OFF button.
  3. To shut the unit down hit the ON / OFF button again.

How much fuel does an Espar heater use per hour?

The Espar Airtronic is compact, easy to install and is very efficient. They consume very little fuel only between . 1 and . 3 gallons per hour.

How much fuel does an Espar heater burn?

The Espar D2 will run over 20 hours on a single gallon of diesel fuel. On LOW HEAT, this little heater uses as little as 0.02 gallons per hour!

How much power does Espar use?

Technical Data:

Fuel Diesel – EN 590
BTU 7500
Fuel Consumption l / h 0.28
gal/ h 0.07
Average Power consumption Watt 34

How many amps does a Espar heater use?

Based on my research the heater will draw 2.8 amps in “boost” mode, so absolute worst case would be roughly 23ah per night or 45ah per weekend.

Why is my Eberspacher heater not working?

1. Do the fuel quantity check, if the amount of fuel is insufficient, than check the fuel pick-up pipe, fuel lines and connections, fuel filter on the pump, replace the filter or pump if necessary. 2. Check the glow pin, clean ventilation hole and replace atomizing screen.

Is Espar the same as eberspacher?

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Espar Products Inc. will formally announce during the Mid-America Trucking Show that it is changing its name to Eberspaecher.

Does Espar cool?

Two electronically driven auxiliary air conditioning units from Espar provide sleeper and cab cooling without engine idling.

What does E1 mean on a diesel heater?

Error E1 is displayed on the control panel. The overheat sensor has been turned on. The sensor will reset if the unit is unplugged. The unit needs to be plugged back in.

Where is the fuse on a diesel heater?

The fuse should be located in the main cables near your battery.