How do I set up audio on my LG TV?

How do I set up audio on my LG TV?

Press the ‘Setting’ button on your LG TV remote control.

  1. Select ‘All Settings’ using the ‘OK’ button on your remote control.
  2. Select the ‘Sound’ menu.
  3. ‘Internal TV Speakers’ : using the TV speakers.
  4. ‘HDMI ARC, Optical, Bluetooth : connecting an external device.

Does LG Smart TV have audio output?

While your LG TV doesn’t have a set of analog RCA audio outputs, it actually does have two audio outputs that you can use to connect it to a home theater system, soundbar or audio receiver.

How do I connect wired speakers to my LG Smart TV?

Locate your LG TV’s HDMI (ARC) port and connect the HDMI cable. Connect the other end of the cable to the HDMI (ARC) inputs of your soundbar, home theater receiver, stereo receiver, or powered speakers. Set up your LG TV’s audio settings and select ‘Audio Out (Optical/HDMI ARC)’.

How do I connect my microphone to my LG Smart TV?


  1. The best way to connect your smart TV and microphone is using bluetooth.
  2. Simply turn on the bluetooth discovery on your microphone.
  3. Then go into your TV settings and turn the bluetooth on and search for devices.
  4. Now your microphone and smart TV will be connected.

What is PCM audio on LG TV?

LG Optical Audio or Multi-channel Audio Output. The Optical Digital Audio Output or HDMI/ARC Multi-channel Audio Output is available as PCM or Auto. DTS Audio is not supported on current LG Televisions. PCM – Used for simple systems, sound bars or 2.1 systems. Auto – Used for DolbyTM 5.1 systems.

What is LG Smart sound mode?

For even more options, click down here on the bottom icon for the advanced settings. then click on sound to reach this page. You can turn on smart sound mode which automatically recognizes the type of content you’re watching and adjust it to sound its best. After that, it’s sound mode and we just discussed those.

How do I amplify dialogue on my LG TV?

Select All Settings at the bottom right. Select Sound. Select Sound Mode, then select Standard or Clear Voice to see which sounds best to you. Select Volume Mode and turn on Auto Volume to try to regulate and increase and decrease the volume automatically.

Why is the background music louder than the voices on my TV?

The louder you turn up your the sound to try and hear it, the more it’s likely to distort over your TV’s speakers, which usually aren’t as capable of handling loud sounds as a stereo system’s. Try adjusting the audio settings on your source (the cable, satellite, or digital receiver) menu.

Do LG smart TVs have microphones?

LG smart TVs have voice recognition technology and a microphone built directly into the LG Magic Remote.

Should I use PCM or Bitstream?

PCM is not better than Bitstream format in terms of quality. The Bitstream package is where the PCM data was sourced from. Aside from sound quality, there is one reason to prefer sending PCM over Bitstream—secondary audio.

Can I use external speakers on my TV?

If your TV doesn’t use RCA connectors for audio output, it may have a headphone out port (3.5mm port). You can use this to connect your TV to the speakers. They’re the same connector used on phones, tablets, laptops, etc. For this, you’ll need to use a 3.5mm audio jack on the TV end and a RCA jack on the speaker end.