How do I transfer emails from Outlook to Thunderbird?

How do I transfer emails from Outlook to Thunderbird?

Export from One Computer to Another

  1. Download and install Mozilla Thunderbird (see link in Resources) on the computer where you have been running Outlook.
  2. Complete a standard import from Outlook to Thunderbird, which involves making Outlook the default program, then choosing “Import” from the “Tools” menu in Thunderbird.

How do I export emails from Outlook Express?

Unlike the address book, exporting of your Outlook Express email is fully automated. Open Outlook Express, empty deleted items then go to File, Export menu and choose Messages. Select All folders or specific folders to export, holding Ctrl as you click to select multiple folders. Click OK and you’re done.

How do I convert a PST file to Thunderbird?

Convert Outlook to Thunderbird

  1. Find your local . pst and . ost files.
  2. Open your . pst and . ost files.
  3. Convert your emails to mbox or eml format. Select mailbox root folder in All folders pane, and click File > Export. Choose MBOX file format and click Ok.
  4. Find your Thunderbird “Local Folders” Directory. Launch Thunderbird.

Where does Outlook Express Export messages to?

The files containing your Outlook Express mail data are copied to the folder. 3. In the Create Folder window, click Local Folders and enter a name for your folder. In this example, it was called “Old IMAP Email Folder”.

How do I Import a PST file into Thunderbird?

Import PST to Thunderbird in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Install Outlook PST Converter Tool and run.
  2. Select PST File for Importing.
  3. Extract PST File Email Items.
  4. Choose Thunderbird email clients from Save As options.
  5. Click on the Convert button to Import PST files to Thunderbird.

How do I Export all my emails from Outlook?

How to Export All Emails From Outlook

  1. Access your Outlook account.
  2. Select File> Options >Advanced.
  3. From Export, select “Export.”
  4. Select “Export to a file” and click on “Next.”
  5. Select “Outlook Data File (.
  6. Select the top-level folder that you wish to export.
  7. Select “Next.”