How do I unlock the region code on my Samsung Blu Ray player?

How do I unlock the region code on my Samsung Blu Ray player?

how to change region code on Samsung Blu-Ray Disc BD-J5700

  1. Power on Samsung Blu-Ray Disc BD-J5700, the make sure to remove disc in the tray.
  2. Now, close tray.
  3. Press the BLACK button BELOW the yellow “C” button.
  4. Press 7-6-8-8-4 (or your region code).
  5. The current region code will display at the top left of the screen.

Is Samsung Blu Ray player region free?

Product Description. Samsung Blu-ray DVD player is guaranteed to play DVDs from all regions: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and Blu-ray from Zone A B C OUT of the box. It will work on any TV, without the need of external video converters or special television.

How do I reset my Samsung Blu Ray player to factory settings?

1 Power on your Blu-ray player if it’s not already on, tune your TV to the input where the Blu-ray player is connected. 2 With no disc in the player press and hold the Play/Pause button infront of the BD player for about 8 seconds or until “Resetting all settings to default values…” is displayed on your TV screen.

How do I reset my Samsung BD JM57C?

Factory Rest Samsung BD-JM57C Press and hold the Stop button on the panel until your TV displays the message “Reset all settings to the default values.” After a few seconds, the device will turn itself off and back on as well as reset itself.

How do I make my Samsung DVD player region free?

Step 1: Power on your Samaung DVD player and open the tray. Step 2: Push the info button on the remote one time. Numbers will appear on the screen. Step 3: Then press 9 for multi-region and hold it until you see the number 9 in upper left.

How do I update my Samsung Blu-ray player firmware?

Perform a firmware update. For Blu-ray players that are already connected to the internet, navigate to Settings > Support > Software Update, and then select Update Now > OK. You can also update the Blu-ray players firmware via USB.

Can you change the region on a Samsung Blu-ray player?

Turn your DVD or Blu-ray Player on and make sure there’s no disc inside. Using your remote, have a browse through the settings and look for Info, Setup or Preferences. Select your desired region code from the list above, kick back and take in those global titles!

How do I turn off the region lock on my Samsung DVD player?

How can I make my Samsung BD j4500r region free?

hi, i think you need to follow this step:

  1. power ON your player.
  2. press BLACK button below “C” YELLOW button.
  3. press your REGION CODE (at this time, your region code will not be shown on your tv when you press the number).
  4. the current REGION will be shown on the top of the left of your tv.

Can you add apps to a Samsung Blu-ray player?

Available Apps on Blu-ray Player Use the right or left arrow buttons on the Blu-ray remote to toggle through the bottom App row to view. Additional Apps cannot be downloaded. If you prefer a model that is capable of downloading more Apps you may be interested in the BD-F5900, BD-F6700, or BD-F7500.

How do I add more apps to my Samsung Blu-ray player?

Each Blu-ray Disc® Player has a set amount of pre-installed applications….

  1. On the supplied IR remote control, press the HOME button.
  2. Select the All Apps.
  3. Press the ENTER button.
  4. In the All Apps screen, select the app you want to add.
  5. Press the OPTIONS button.
  6. Select Add to My Apps.