How do seeds and peers affect download speed?

How do seeds and peers affect download speed?

You could max out your download bandwidth from one single seed, regardless of how many peers or leechers there are. In general, the more seeds, the better, as this gives you more places to connect to to download the file. So, yes, a torrent with 100 seeds may be slower than a torrent with 1000 seeds.

Is it necessary to seed and peer in utorrent?

It becomes illegal when people use it to share pirated or copyright stuff. Torrenting is just a peer-to-peer file-sharing network that works because of the SEEDERS and PEERS. Without a seeder, no one will be able to download files associated with that specific torrent.

What does 0 seeders mean?

A seeder is the machine that is sending you the data. If it says 0 seeder then there is no one who can give you the data. Leechers are machines that are downloading the data, It says 1 leecher, Maybe, Your machine is the leecher.

Is seeding in uTorrent safe?

It is absolutely safe to seed. Only problem you can have is data consumption as uploading files also counts as network usage and a 100 mb file can keep seeding to multiple users and consume 1 gb of your data or even more if you keep it seeding.

What if I stop seeding?

If you stop seeding – you can lose ratio on such trackers and, as a result, your downloads can be limited in speed or quantity. And some trackers can simply ban you for not seeding enough. Usually, enough is to seed 5–10 times more data, than your torrent download size.

What happens if I dont seed?

Actually nothing will happen but if you can seed then you should. You see all the content you download over torrents is made possible by people somewhere seeding the same. If every one decides not to seed then torrents will effectively die down and Bazinga!! no free content for you anymore.

Is Torrenting a crime?

Downloading and sharing copyrighted material is illegal in the United States. There are two laws that affect torrenting and P2P activity in the US: The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), which is aimed at sites hosting illegal torrents and uploaders of copyrighted works.