How do you add notes in axure?

How do you add notes in axure?

To add a new widget note, click one of the note fields in the New Note area at the bottom of the Notes pane, marked by a greyed-out footnote icon. Editing one of the fields in this area creates a new widget note.

How do you add a page in axure?

To add a page, click the Add Page icon at the top-right of the Pages pane. You can also right-click a page and use the Add submenu to add a page before, after, or as a child of the clicked page. To delete a page, right-click it and choose Delete or select it and press DELETE .

How do you add text in axure?

You can add hint text (also called “placeholder text”) to a text field/area using the Hint Text field in the Interactions pane. Hint text will appear in a text field/area until the user interacts with it, at which time it will disappear to allow the user to fill in the input as needed.

Does axure generate CSS?

When you’re ready to view or publish your prototype via one of the options below, Axure RP converts your work to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and image files, collectively known as “the HTML output.”

Is axure the best prototyping tool?

Is Axure the best prototyping tool? Axure is one of the leading prototyping tools for enterprise UX designers and digital design teams. However, Axure alternatives like Sketch and Figma are also popular because of their collaboration tools, handoff features, and plugin support.

What is dynamic panel in axure?

A dynamic panel is a container that holds other widgets in sets called “states.” A dynamic panel can have one state or many, and only one of its states is visible at a time.

Does axure generate code?

Axure is excellent at what it does, but once you move beyond that, use the right tool for the job. TL;DR: don’t use Axure’s generated code if you plan on editing it.

Can you code in axure?

You can use Axure Cloud plugins to add custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to your Axure Cloud–hosted RP projects. Use plugins to add things like analytics, social media buttons, or your own hand-written code to your projects.

Is Figma better than Axure?

Winner: Figma Additionally, Figma doesn’t require non-designers to own a copy; they open the file link and start working. Other whiteboard collaboration tools may be better suited for concept ideation than Figma, such as Mural and Realtimeboard, but for a design tool, Figma is better than Sketch and Axure by a mile.

Is Axure better than Adobe XD?

Frequently Asked Questions about Axure vs Adobe XD Adobe XD has a more friendly user interface, and Axure RP is more professional looking. Axure RP is a little expensive than Adobe XD. Both of them have communities but the Axure RP community is more resourceful.

How do I use dynamic panels in axure?

Create with Existing Widgets You can create a new dynamic panel using widgets already on the canvas. Select one or more widgets, right-click, and select Create Dynamic Panel in the context menu. This will create a new fit-to-content dynamic panel with a single state that contains the selected widgets.

How do you add a master to a page that is open in the design area axure?

To add a master to a page or to another master, drag it from the Masters pane and drop it onto the canvas. Masters appear on the canvas masked by a red overlay.

How do I make a master in axure?

You can create a master from widgets you’ve already added to the canvas by selecting them, right-clicking, and choosing Create Master in the context menu. The widgets will stay exactly where they are on the canvas, but they’ll now be the first instance of a new master, listed in the Masters pane.

How do you inspect an axure?

Inspecting Your Designs Log in to app. axure. cloud and click on a project’s name. In the project overview, hover over the thumbnail of a page you want to work with and click Inspect.

Why axure is the best?

Axure features many capable tools, and designers often ask why use Axure. Axure professes that it’s the most powerful UX tool. It has built-in widgets for wireframing, a simple drag-and-drop environment, browser-based prototypes without coding, animated transitions, form fields enabling user input, and much more.