How do you adjust the blade height on a jointer?

How do you adjust the blade height on a jointer?

Use a straightedge resting on the outfeed table to check the height. With an alan key in the jack screw, and the straight edge right next to it, set the height of the knifes so that they just touch the ruler at the highest point.

What angle do you sharpen jointer knives?

between 40 and 50 degrees
If I remember correctly the angles for the planners and jointers are usually between 40 and 50 degrees, but Jeff was right different manufactures may choose different angles based on the machine characteristics and blade thickness and width so it would be safer.

Why does my jointer chatter?

Re: Jointer vibration/chatter Vibration is typically an indication of dull blades. Are you ‘firmly’ pressing the workpiece against the infeed/out feed table? I know getting too close to the spinning blades can be scary, but the workpiece must maintain contact with the table surface. Use push blocks.

When properly installed the highest point of the jointer knives are?

The proper height of the jointer blades should be just enough so that when you lay a straight edge steel rule across the outfeed table and the blade, when you rotate the blade backwards by hand, it will lift the steel rule ever so slightly, then move it backwards with the flow of the blade about one quarter to one …

What should you never adjust on a jointer?

Never adjust the jointer while the cutterhead is turning. 13. Never make cuts of more than 1/16” on softwoods and 1/32” on hardwoods 14. Check to see that all locks are tightened securely before using the jointer.

How do you find the top dead center of a jointer knife?

To find the top dead-center (or some place reasonably close), lower the outfeed table about 1/16″. Then place a flat, steel ruler on the outfeed table and partially across the cutterhead. Rotate the cutterhead backward until the knife does not contact the ruler (photo 1).