How do you beat Day 19 in ancient Egypt?

How do you beat Day 19 in ancient Egypt?

Use Iceberg Lettuce to stall the first zombie, then kill it with a Chili Bean. Keep using Chili Beans and Iceberg Lettuces to stall, while planting Coconut Cannons. Get a full column of Coconut Cannons. Fire them when needed, and keep in mind the splash damage.

How do you unlock Wild West in PvZ2?

The player needs to use the key obtained in Pirate Seas – Day 25 to access Wild West. After defeating several zombie attacks, on the end of Day 7, a wanted poster showing a brain is shown, and the zombies offer 500 dollars for them.

What is the plant of the week in PvZ2?

🌼 Dandelion is this week’s Plant of the Week in #PvZ2!

How do you beat Zomboss in Wild West?

Use Power Snow to slow Zombot down and damage it to the point where your hypnotized Gargantuars are smashing it.

What is the strongest plant in PvZ 2?

Top 10 Plants in “Plants Vs. Zombies 2” (2020)

  • Lightning Reed.
  • Cold and Regular Snapdragon.
  • Laser Bean.
  • Regular and Primal Potato Mine.
  • Winter Melon.
  • Gold Bloom.
  • Shadow Peashooter.
  • Sun-shroom.

What is the weakness of Dr Zomboss?

The weakness of Dr. Zomboss’s Zombot is its head. Whenever he comes down to attack with a fireball or iceball, he can be damaged.

How do you beat the Sphinx inator in Zombot?

The Sphinx-inator will tap its front two legs on the ground, step back, and then charge forwards, destroying all plants and zombies in two rows. It will then stop short of the lawn mowers, and jump back to the rightmost column. The attack will be cancelled if a plant fed with Plant Food attacks it.

How do you beat level 35 on Plants vs Zombies Wild West?

The most reliable way to beat this level is to grind through Zen garden and obtain a boosted Hypno-shroom. (This assumes that you have an abundant supply of Zen Garden seeds available.) The shovel in Zen garden can be used to immediately dig-up and replace any unhelpful plants.

How do you beat Wild West Day 19?

Plant a column of Sunflowers. Stall the first zombie with a Wall-nut on second column until all Sunflowers are planted. Then use Snapdragons on the third column and Spikeweeds to kill them. Plant a column of Wall-nuts first, then Snapdragons and finally Spikeweed on the first column.

How do you beat Wild West Day 23?

Place the first Coconut Cannon on the full row minecart. Then, proceed to put 2 more Coconut Cannons on the other 2 minecarts. Now, the only thing left to do is use Coconut Cannons strategically, as they are vital to defeating the Pianist Zombie.