How do you beat strongman l4d2?

How do you beat strongman l4d2?

Moustachio Strong Man: A test of strength where you must smash a red weight with a melee weapon and send a disk flying up to Moustachio. To win, you must use adrenaline along with a melee weapon.

How do you prove you are stronger than Moustachio?

Prove you are stronger than Moustachio. In part 4 of Dark Carnival, look for a strength-testing game in the first area after exiting the safe room. Inject some adrenaline and nail the red button with a melee weapon to get the Gong Show Achievement (be “stronger than Moustachio”). Note: Will summon infected!

How do you get a gong show?

How to unlock the GONG SHOW achievement. In the carnival level, you will find a strongman bell minigame. It is right before the bumper cars, so if you go past those you have gone too far. You have to hit the red pad w/ any melee weapon, but there is a catch, you must have adrenaline active to make the bell ring.

Can you still get good guy Nick achievement?

The achievement Good Guy Nick is achieved by surviving a campaign with players who obtained their copy of game during a free weekend.

What is a gong show?

gong show (plural gong shows) (Canada) An event that proves to be a disaster, often in a fun or memorable way. Last night, we all went drinking, and the whole thing turned into a total gong show. That biology class was a gong show.

How do I rescue gnome Chompski?

In the barns, as soon as you see the stadium, simply throw him over the railing so he can wait lying just outside the safe room door. Survivors can pass Gnome Chompski back and forth between each other and take turns shooting.

How do you get the Ghost of Christmas Present achievement?

Just right click on your game in your library and choose Properties. Then, go to DLC tab and see if you have checked Left 4 Dead 2 – Christmas 2013. If so, people who are playing with you can earn this achievement and you cannot, if not – you can get this achievement, so simply uncheck it. Done!