How do you beat the boss in Alice in Wonderland in Kingdom Hearts?

How do you beat the boss in Alice in Wonderland in Kingdom Hearts?

Just jump and strike. This technique can be a little risky at some points, so have your potions ready. If you’re using magic, fire does more damage than blizzard. After the Heartless starts using fireballs, attacking it from the floor is the best option.

How do you beat the Trickmaster in Kingdom Hearts?

Sure, you can hardly reach him if you attack him from the ground, but that’s the key to survive. His fireballs cannot hit you when you’re standing right next to him. Just watch out for his leg attacks and you will be able to beat him.

Where do I go after I beat Trickmaster?

After you defeat Trickmaster, Sora will unlock the world through the doorknob and you will learn Blizzard (unless you already learned it). You can now go back to the Save Point in the Rabbit Hole and leave the world.

How do you beat the Wonderland boss in Kingdom Hearts Reddit?

You’ve got a few options.

  1. Level up until you get the Guard ability.
  2. Hide until he stops firing, run out and try and get in a quick combo while he’s lighting them up again.
  3. Try and lead him away from the fireplace, then keep close to him. He tends to swing at you more than shoot if you’re close.

How do you beat the second boss in Kingdom Hearts?

Run up to him and attack him while he is charging up his energy ball, and then run as quickly as possible away from him. Just repeat this tactic and you might win. Defeating him is not necessary, but it will allow you to get more items later in the game.

Where do I go after Alice in Wonderland Kingdom Hearts?

After locking Wonderland and Deep Jungle (Olympus Coliseum isn’t necessary), go back to Traverse Town before moving on to the next world. Start off by going to the alleyway in the second district.

How do you get to blizzard in Wonderland?

Climb the tree once more and use the newly raised platform to reach a hole in the corner. From here you land on a faucet in the Bizarre Room. Carefully jump across to the Claw Marks to receive the Blizzard magic.

Is KH1 or 2 harder?

KH1 wasn’t hard, but it definately was harder gameplay than KH2. As for Sephiroth, he’s not that hard in either games, but once again the abilities in KH2 give you the strength of a god and Sephiroth dies a lot easier.

How do you get the Keyblade from Wonderland?

Obtained: After unlocking access to White Trinity Marks, return to Wonderland and make your way to the Lotus Forest. Activating the White Trinity Mark and you will be rewarded with this Keychain.