How do you cover a laundry basket?

How do you cover a laundry basket?

A twill or cotton rope basket in a pretty off-white or beige adds a beachy flair to any room. Fill the basket with your laundry and simply place a fuzzy blanket over the top to hide its contents. Nobody will know what’s hiding underneath!

How do I keep my clothes hamper from smelling?

Add some baking soda to a small potpourri bag or a plastic container with holes punched in the lid to the bottom of the hamper. This will act as an odor absorber. Replace the baking soda every couple of months with fresh baking soda.

What causes rotten egg smell in laundry room?

If the rotten egg smell in your laundry room is indeed coming from mold or mildew, this is due to the fungus releasing hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S). Because H2S is an irritant to humans, it can cause mild to moderate discomfort with some side effects like sneezing, headaches, dizziness, or coughing.

Can I put wet clothes in the hamper?

Never store wet clothing in closed bags, bundles on the floor, or stuffed in the hamper. If you cannot wash or dry your garments right away, place them in a ventilated mesh bag while they wait to be washed.

How can I hide my laundry in the bedroom?

If you want to disguise storage in your bedroom, consider using a dresser as a laundry sorter. Dressers can hold dirty clothes just as well as clean clothes. Think about buying other types of furniture that can double as storage space, like open ottomans, credenzas and storage benches.

What’s the difference between a laundry basket and a hamper?

Technically speaking, a laundry basket is a lightweight container used to carry clean or dirty clothes to and from the laundry room. A laundry hamper is typically a stationary unit, taller than a laundry basket, where you place your dirty clothes.

Why does my washing machine smell like poop?

Bad plumbing. Sometimes if a washing machine has not been plumbed in correctly, it can cause problems with stagnant water sitting in the drainage pipe; this can sometimes cause your washing machine to smell of poop, mildew, rotten eggs, or stagnant water.