How do you equip the saints?

How do you equip the saints?

I suggest that you spend your energy praying that the Lord would “equip [them] with all that is good to do His will, working in [them] what is pleasing in His sight, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever” (Heb 13:21). The second tool the pastor has for equipping the saints is the Word of God.

For what purpose are the saints perfected or spiritually equipped?

Purpose. To help class members understand that the process of “perfecting … the saints” (Ephesians 4:12) requires us to increase our faith in Christ, follow the teachings of the apostles and prophets, and protect ourselves from the wickedness of the world.

How can I be equipped by the word of God?

Equipped by God’s Word

  1. “I am empowered by God to stand firm through His Word.”
  2. Read it: 2 Timothy 3:16-17.
  3. Think on it:
  4. Pray about it:
  5. Act on it:
  6. Hearing – Do you need to attend church?
  7. Reading – Do you have a plan to read God’s Word each day?

What is biblical equipping?

Equipping women to study and teach the Bible. We’re an organization that supports women who follow Jesus to study the Bible and teach it to those around them, as disciplers, friends, parents, and servants of the church.

What is the work of the saints?

A saint may be designated as a patron saint of a particular cause, profession, or locale, or invoked as a protector against specific illnesses or disasters, sometimes by popular custom and sometimes by official declarations of the Church. Saints are not believed to have power of their own, but only that granted by God.

What does equip the saints mean?

Saints are equipped as they are exposed to work. All teaching and training must lead to putting it into practice. Doing is a very important aspect and way of learning. Improvement can only be in the act, for “practice”, it is said, “makes perfect” (equips).

In what ways can you engage the word of God to equip yourself and your family for every good work?

10 Ways to Help Your Family Be Closer to God

  • Read God’s word together.
  • Serve others together.
  • Express love for each other often.
  • Pray together as a family.
  • Spend mealtime together.
  • Teach good values.
  • Go to church together.
  • Start traditions together.

What does Obadiah 1 21 mean?

23 The saviors in Obadiah 1:21 are thus often viewed as Israelites who, moved upon by YHWH’s spirit and power, deliver their people from their enemies and then judge or govern “mount Esau” under the supreme kingship of YHWH.