How do you express a mixed fraction as a decimal?

How do you express a mixed fraction as a decimal?

To convert a mixed number to a decimal, divide the numerator by the denominator of the fraction part and add the whole part.

How do you convert numbers to decimals?

To convert a whole number into a decimal, you must decide the result to a certain number of places after the decimal point and simply add a decimal and the number of zeros required to the right side of the whole number. For example: Convert 5 into decimal to the hundredth place.

How do you write numbers in decimal form?

To write a decimal in word form, follow these steps:

  1. Write the whole number part.
  2. Write “and” for the decimal point.
  3. Write the decimal part the same way you would write a whole number.
  4. Write the. place value. of the last digit.

What are the steps to follow in dividing simple fractions and mixed numbers?

First step: Write the whole number and the mixed number as improper fractions.

  1. Second step: Write the reciprocal of the divisor, 2/5, and multiply.
  2. Third step: Simplify, if possible.
  3. Fourth step: Perform the simple multiplication of the numerators and the denominators.

What is example of decimal form?

A decimal is a fraction written in a special form. Instead of writing 1/2, for example, you can express the fraction as the decimal 0.5, where the zero is in the ones place and the five is in the tenths place. Decimal comes from the Latin word decimus, meaning tenth, from the root word decem, or 10.

What is a decimal fraction?

a fraction whose denominator is some power of 10, usually indicated by a decimal point placed before the numerator, as 0.4 = 4/10; 0.126 = 126/1000.

How do you do division with fractions?

The first step to dividing fractions is to find the reciprocal (reverse the numerator and denominator) of the second fraction. Next, multiply the two numerators. Then, multiply the two denominators. Finally, simplify the fractions if needed.

How do you convert fractions to decimals to common fractions?

This means that it is simple to change a decimal fraction into a common fraction by putting the proper denominator under the number to the right of the decimal point. Thus, 0.85 becomes the common fraction 85/100. To change a common fraction into a decimal, one must divide the numerator by the denominator.

How do you write a mixed number?

To write an improper fraction as a mixed number, divide the numerator (top part) by the denominator (bottom part). The quotient is the whole number, and the remainder is the numerator. How would you express 17/4 as a mixed number? The quotient, 4, is the whole number.

What is a mixed fraction?

A fraction represented with its quotient and remainder is a mixed fraction. For example, 2 1/3 is a mixed fraction, where 2 is the quotient, 1 is the remainder. So, a mixed fraction is a combination of a whole number and a proper fraction.