How do you get a 247 profile?

How do you get a 247 profile?

To request a 247Sports player profile or update an existing one, please submit your request to our recruiting editorial team at [email protected], or visit for more details.

Who has the best 2022 football recruiting class?

Top 10 2022 Classes in Country

  • Georgia (316.91)
  • Ohio State (300.46)
  • Texas (288.75)
  • Penn State (277.81)
  • Notre Dame (272.97)
  • Oklahoma (266.11)
  • Michigan (260.42)
  • North Carolina (257.61)

What is the best college football recruiting website?

Top 7 Recruiting Social Media Tools for Student Athletes

  • NCSA Athletic Recruiting. Get out in front of coaches with Next College Student Athlete’s (NCSA) mobile app designed to help student-athletes connect with college coaches.
  • MaxPreps.
  • BeRecruited for High School Athletes.
  • DraftCard.
  • AthleticU.
  • SchollyME.
  • Hudl.

Is rivals better than 247?

Rivals is the second-best service. They are not too far behind 247sports in many of the areas I analyzed. ESPN is quite a distance behind Rivals and 247sports when it comes to scouting these recruits. TL;DR: 247sports is the best at predicting which players will be drafted, Rivals is 2nd, ESPN is worst.

What college football team has the most 5-star recruits 2022?

Texas A&M, Georgia, Alabama, and Penn State all boast at least three five-star recruits right now. In fact, one of those teams has already signed six of the Top247’s 32 five-star players.

How do you become a 5 star recruit?

5-star recruits start training early on, they can handle the pressure, they study the game, and they work so hard that there is no doubt in their mind that they are the best on the field. Combine hard work with talent, and that’s the formula for success as a 5-star recruit.

What is the most accurate recruiting site?

Which of the Four Major Recruiting Services is the Most Accurate?

  • Five-star prospect. One of the best players in the nation.
  • Four-star prospect. One of the top 300 players in the nation.
  • Three-star prospect.
  • Two-star prospect.
  • SCORECARD: RIVALS – 5, SCOUT – 5, ESPN – 4, 247Sports – 4.

When did 247 recruiting start?

247Sports is an American network of websites that focus mainly on athletic recruitment in college football and basketball….247Sports.

Screenshot of 247Sports on July 22, 2021
URL US only
Commercial Yes
Launched August 1, 2010

How do you get Paramount plus 247Sports?

Make sure you are logged in to your 247Sports account, and click on SETTINGS in the pulldown menu under your name on the upper right side of the screen. Once on the user settings page, click the “Activate Paramount+” link.

How many 5 star recruits are there every year?

During the last two weeks, we’ve taken a recruiting tour of all the five-star prospects in the last decade across college football. In the last 10 years, a mere 287 players have emerged from high school as five-star recruits — the best of the best. That’s fewer than 30 players per season regardless of position.

Is a 1 star recruit good?

A five-star prospect is considered to be one of the nation’s top 25-30 players, four star is a top 250-300 or so player, three-stars is a top 750 level player, two stars means the player is a mid-major prospect and one star means the player is not ranked.