How do you get Longinus in Disgaea 1?

How do you get Longinus in Disgaea 1?

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness Longinus is the rank 39 spear weapon in the game. He can be obtained by having a character with a spear mastery level of 25 or higher , entering the Dark Assembly, and then exiting to talk to Longinus. The player will then receive a Legendary Longinus.

How do you get Samurai in Disgaea 1?

Samurai are proficient with primarily swords, axes, and spears. They are unlocked by having a Female Warrior and a Female Martial Artist with a total level of ten or higher.

How do you get the ninja in Disgaea 1?

The Ninja is unlocked by having a Male Warrior and/or Martial Artist whose level adds up to or equals 20. A level 200 Ninja is required to unlock the Majin class.

How do you get the good ending in Disgaea?

Good ending This ending is obtained by having no ally kills in that cycle, and is generally considered to be the canon ending. Laharl defeats Lamington, but refrains from killing the helpless angel.

Does Disgaea 5 have multiple endings?

Disgaea 5 has plenty of endings and only one good one. We’re here to help you through them all. In true series fashion, there are multiple Disgaea 5 endings you can work towards.

Do KUVA weapons go past 30?

For some reason, all the new Kuva weapons had the same gimmick as the Paracesis. These weapons all hit max rank at level 40 instead of level 30. While a handful of weapons sharing a gimmick isn’t that bad, the Kuva Liches came out with 13 new weapons. To get them to max rank, you need 65 Forma.

How many times can you Valence Fusion?

Valence Fusion is the merging of two similar Kuva Lich Weapons, Tenet Weapons, or Railjack Components and Armaments into one with superior stats….Extra Math.

Minimum Initial Value Maximum Number of Fusions
25.5% 9
25.0% 10

What floor is the item God on Disgaea 5?

floor 100
Item God: Appears in floor 100 in items of rank 39 or less.