How do you get the outside achievement in The Stanley Parable?

How do you get the outside achievement in The Stanley Parable?

Go Outside To get this achievement, you must wait 5 years by without opening the game. But if you are impatient, you can simply set your computer clock to 5 years later.

How do I unlock my super outside?

As visible on Steam, The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe has an achievement called Super Go Outside, which can be earned by players who “don’t play The Stanley Parable for ten years.”

Is there going to be a Stanley Parable 2?

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe is a remake and pseudo-sequel to the original The Stanley Parable developed by Galactic Cafe and Crows Crows Crows, released on the 27th of April, 2022 and featuring new content, endings, choices and more.

How do you open the console in The Stanley Parable?

Enabling the Console

  1. Open up your Steam library.
  2. Right click The Stanley Parable and click Properties.
  3. Select Launch Options. In the text box that appears, type -console (or -dev console)
  4. Launch the game as normal.

How do I open the console in Epic games?

You have to enable cheats by entering cheat in the Launch Options. You just need those 5 letters, nothing else. After you do that and start a game, you can activate the console by using the “~” key.

How do you get the 8888 achievement in The Stanley Parable?

Achievements. The achievement 88888888 requires the player to input the number 8 eight times into the keypad in the Boss’s Office. Later, the voice in the Eight Game saying same EIGHT sound will be heard. If you keep pressing it later on, the Narrator will get angry and will open the passage for you.

What happens if you play the baby game for four hours?

If the baby reaches the fire, the game is over and players lose. After an hour or so, the narrator will switch things up and add another similar minigame to the mix involving a puppy and a pool of piranhas. After four hours of playing both challenges simultaneously, a rather interesting entity appears.

Is The Stanley Parable on console?

Now though it’s time for the game to expand, as The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe edition comes to PC and console.

How do I open console on Steam?

  1. Launch Steam and start the Valve game for which you wish to use the console.
  2. From the main menu select. Options.
  3. Select the. Keyboard. tab.
  4. Click the. Advanced. button.
  5. Check the box next to. Enable developer console (~)
  6. Click. Apply.

How many people have the go outside achievement Stanley Parable?

To the 260 people that have unlocked the achievement: How do you feel after your lambasting? Was it worth it? Perhaps you just wanted to get it out of the way so you could spend more time admiring the Employee Lounge? Yes, that must be it.