How do you reference the Laming report?

How do you reference the Laming report?

In the reference list: Laming, W. H. (2003). The Victoria Climbie inquiry: Report of an inquiry by Lord Laming (Cm. 5730). London: The Stationery Office.

What are Lord Laming’s main recommendations?

Directors of children’s services with no child protection experience should appoint an experienced social work manager to support them. The government should provide child protection training for council leaders and senior managers.

Who wrote the Victoria Climbie report?

Lord Laming
This document contains the following information: The Victoria Climbie Inquiry: report of an inquiry by Lord Laming.

When was the Victoria Climbie inquiry?

The murder of eight-year-old Victoria Climbié in February 2000 prompted the most extensive inquiry into the failings of the child protection system in British history.

What is the Laming report 2009?

2.1 Lord Laming’s report was published on 12 March 2009. His report presents a constructive analysis of the problems facing children’s services directorates in councils as well as the resourcing challenges they have in recruiting and retaining social workers.

How do you reference Public Health England?

(Public Health England, 2020) Narrative Public Health England (2020) outlined… Writer’s surname, Initials. (Writer), & Director’s surname, Initials. (Director).

What did Lord Laming recommend Baby P?

Laming’s recommendations The establishment of a new post-qualifying safeguarding award that should be completed by all children’s social workers. The General Social Care Council’s code of practice for employers should be put on a statutory footing.

Why was the Laming report important?

5. Lord Laming’s report provided an invaluable assessment and set us all – central government, local government, national and local partners, local communities and the general public – important challenges. No organisation, national or local, no individual is exempt from his findings or his call to action.

Why was the Laming report made?

Lord Laming’s report set out a compelling analysis and a comprehensive set of recommendations to ensure best practice is universally applied in every area of the country, to strengthen national and local leadership and accountability, and to provide more support to local leaders and for the frontline workforce.

What is the Laming Report 2009?

How do I reference NHS documents?

Author/editor, initials. (Year) Title. Available at: URL (Accessed: date). National Health Service (2012) Check your symptoms.

How do I reference NHS guidelines?

Clinical guidelines (physical copy) Year. Title of guidance. [No. of guidance if available].

What were the failings in the Baby P case?

The investigation found both social workers’ mistakes in the case amounted to misconduct. They failed to keep adequate records. Ward had failed to visit Peter often enough. Christou, as Ward’s manager, failed to provide enough supervision to her social worker.

What were the main findings of the Laming inquiry following the death of Victoria Climbie?

The findings of the Inquiry (the Laming Report) were damning, not only about individual practice failings, poor or non-existent inter-agency working and the lack of focus on the child, Victoria, but also, for the first time, about the failure of senior managers in various organizations to account for the shortcomings …

How do you reference the NMC code?

Subsequent citations can then be given as – the Code (NMC, 2018).

  1. In Reference List:
  2. Format: Author. (Year). Title. Publisher.
  3. • Further example references are available on the APA Style website. Here is the link:

How do you Harvard reference the Mid Staffordshire report?

Your Bibliography: Francis, R., 2013. Report of the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust Public Inquiry Executive summary.

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Include information in the following order:

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Who was Keegan downer?

An 18-month-old girl murdered by her guardian was “almost invisible to professionals” after she was taken into the care of the woman who would ultimately kill her. Keegan Downer was killed by Kandyce Downer, 34, less than a year after she was appointed her legal guardian.

Where is Jason Owen now?

He was released last year and understood to have undergone a name change and complete makeover. As he is no longer on license he cannot be monitored by the authorities. Now The Sun and the Daily Mail have claimed his new life involves being a personal trainer and he is living in London.

What are the 4 NMC domains?

It is structured around four themes – prioritise people, practise effectively, preserve safety and promote professionalism and trust.

How do you reference codes of practice?

  1. Codes of Practice.
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How do you reference the NMC standards of proficiency?

Nursing & Midwifery Council. (2018). The code: Professional standards of practice and behaviour for nurses, midwives and nursing associates. London: Nursing & Midwifery Council.

How do I reference the NMC Code Harvard style?

Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) (2008) The code: standards of conduct, performance and ethics for nurses and midwives. London: Nursing and Midwifery Council. Pears, R. A and Shields, G.

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Basic format to reference journal articles

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Reference: Author/editor Last name, Initials. (Year) ‘Title of case study’ [Case Study], Journal Title, Volume (Issue), pp. page numbers.

What does the Baby P Case mean for post-Climbié reforms?

Today’s outcome of the Baby P case will inevitably prompt questions about the value of the post-Climbié reforms, which aimed to improve multi-disciplinary support for children at risk, or in need, by creating children’s services departments in local councils and children’s trusts.

What was the problem in the Baby P Case?

The core problem in the Baby P case was the absence of an approach which sought to directly engage with the child in the parental home. Baby P was the subject of a child protection plan in Haringey, north London, and was seen by a social worker and a doctor in the last week of his life.

What will Lord Laming’s report on Victoria Climbié mean for child protection policy?

Lord Laming’s report into the death of Victoria Climbié published six years ago ushered in major reforms to the child protection system. His review of those changes in the light of the Baby P tragedy will be very influential in shaping child protection policy and practice in England in the coming years.

What was the government’s response to the Laming report?

Following Laming’s report, children’s secretary Ed Balls immediately accepted all 58 of his recommendations; however, the government’s formal response to the report – published on 6 May 2009 – departed from the peer’s report in some key areas. The establishment of new statutory targets for child protection.