How do you remember intransigent words?

How do you remember intransigent words?

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for intransigent In = not, trans = change, for igent think ‘disagreement. ‘ Thus: to not change in a disagreement.

How do you remember attenuation?

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for attenuate attenuate ~ at ten + you + ate; if you will eat only at 10 PM (once in a day), you will attenuate.

How do you remember recalcitrant?

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for recalcitrant recalcitrant = recal(recall)+ cit(site) + rant(rent); need recall to please the minister over telephone to get the site in rent as he is stubborn in any matter wants proper clarification.

How do you use intransigence in a sentence?

How to use intransigence in a sentence. It is Soviet intransigence that has kept those efforts from bearing fruit. There was a growing resentment in Britain against the colonials’ intransigence.

What it means intransigence?

refusal to compromise
Definition of intransigent : characterized by refusal to compromise or to abandon an often extreme position or attitude : uncompromising intransigent in their opposition an intransigent attitude.

What does Deattenuate mean?

To remove attenuation
To remove attenuation (from) quotations ▼

What are two synonyms for recalcitrant?

synonyms for recalcitrant

  • fractious.
  • obstinate.
  • rebellious.
  • unruly.
  • wayward.
  • contrary.
  • contumacious.
  • defiant.

How do you use attenuate?

Attenuate in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Doctors claim taking the flu vaccine will attenuate the effects of the illness.
  2. The doctor suggested I take acetaminophen to attenuate my fever.
  3. Jack sleeps with his headphones on to attenuate the nightly noise that comes from his neighbor’s house.

What does attenuate pain mean?

Definition of attenuate (Entry 1 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : to lessen the amount, force, magnitude, or value of : weaken …

What does attenuation depend on?

The attenuation coefficient is dependent upon the type of material and the energy of the radiation. Generally, for electromagnetic radiation, the higher the energy of the incident photons and the less dense the material in question, the lower the corresponding attenuation coefficient will be.

Is Lackadaisy a real word?

The word lackadaisy also was used around that time as an interjection similar to lackaday, and this word, though never as prevalent as lackaday, might have influenced the coinage of lackadaisical.

What do you mean by attenuated?

Definition of attenuated 1 : lessened or weakened (as in amount, force, or magnitude) “It wasn’t that there was less effect, or an attenuated effect. There was no effect at all.”—

What are the different types of mnemonic strategies?

Acronyms and acrostics are typically the most familiar type of mnemonic strategies. Acronyms use a simple formula of a letter to represent each word or phrase that needs to be remembered.

Do you have a vision for your mnemonic strategy?

Have a vision. One reason people can’t practice the mnemonic strategy of their choice is because it isn’t embedded in a clear picture of what a realistic accomplishment looks like. Again, I have zero interest in competition but that doesn’t mean I don’t “compete” against time. I was once invited to teach memory techniques in Guilin, China.

What is the mnemonic for the scientific method?

If you’re teaching the different steps of the scientific method, students can use the acronym mnemonic HOMER to help them remember the steps in order: h ypothesize, o perationalize, m easure, e valuate, and r eplicate. Acrostic Letter Sentence Mnemonics

What is the keyword mnemonic method for learning foreign languages?

Multiple research studies have demonstrated that using the keyword mnemonic method improves learning and recall, especially in the area of foreign language. Here’s how the keyword method works. First, you choose a keyword that somehow cues you to think of the foreign word.