How do you resolve s878 Abend?

How do you resolve s878 Abend?


  1. Increase EXEC REGION in the JCL (Either on the Jobcard or on the individual step) or.
  2. Include DD DCB BLKSIZE (or use smaller BLKSIZE). For example: EBDI016 Split Files should have BLKSIZE 8000 (as delivered) or lower, when using more than a few Split Files.
  3. Include EXEC ,PARM=’/ALL(ON)’ in the JCL.

What is a Abend code?

ABEND Code U-0013 or U0013 (X’000D’) is issued when a failure or error condition occurs for which normal program execution cannot continue. An associated Reason Code (usually contained in general register 15 at the time of the ABEND) further describes the condition.

What is a mainframe abend?

The term abend is more common in older mainframe systems than in PCs and usually refers to the abnormal end of an application rather than a disruption of the operating system. An OS failure is more likely to be called a crash.

What is Region parameter in JCL?

JCL REGION parameter is an optional keyword Parameter and you can define REGION parameter at either JOB Level or STEP Level or at both the places. If you define JCL REGION parameter at the job level, then it is the amount of virtual storage a job requires for execution.

What is abend JCL?

The ABEND macro is used to initiate error processing for a task. ABEND can request a full or tailored dump of virtual storage areas and control blocks pertaining to the tasks being abnormally terminated, and can specify that the entire job step is to be abnormally terminated.

How do I resolve S04E Abend?

Programmer Response: Check register 15 of the SDWA section ‘General Purpose Registers at Time of Error’, and locate the accompanying reason code. In addition, check the information displayed at the user’s terminal, and in the corresponding logrec data set entry. S04E error means Duplicate utility id has been created.