How do you set up a tank for a blue tongue lizard?

How do you set up a tank for a blue tongue lizard?

Use a glass aquarium, wooden box or plastic tub to house your lizard and consider their adult size. Talk to your local Petbarn team member about what size enclosure is sufficient. Use sand, gravel, or newspaper to create a suitable substrate. Keep branches low to the ground and stable.

How big of a tank do I need for a blue tongue skink?

Baby blue-tongues should be housed singly in plastic reptile enclosures, terrariums or 20-gallon aquariums with full screen tops. An adult blue-tongued skink requires, at minimum, an enclosure measuring 36 inches long by 18 inches wide by 10 inches tall, with a full screen top. Larger is even better.

Do blue tongue skinks need UVB?

Blue- tongue skinks require a gradient of UVB within their enclosure ranging from UVI 3.0-5.0 in the basking zone to zero in the shade. The lamp must also be replaced according to the manufacturer’s instructions. UV lamps must always be guarded to prevent burns, or injuries should the bulb shatter.

Do blue tongue lizards need a heat lamp?

Blue Tongue Care Blue-tongues require a basking spot maintained between 30-35˚C. They should have access to an elevated piece of flat timber or rock ornament to allow them to bask closer to the heat source. The cool end of the enclosure should be maintained between 24-26˚C and should not drop below 18-21˚C at night.

Do blue tongue skinks need a humidifier?

The only species of blue tongue skinks that need very low humidity levels are Shingleback blue tongues (20-30%). If your humidity gets higher and you cannot lower it other way, you can start using a dehumidifier in a tank or outside the tank.

Do blue-tongues need a heat lamp?

Blue tongue skinks generally do not need any kind of lighting or heating during the night. Some people prefer red or black bulbs for providing nighttime heat, but it’s actually healthier for skinks to experience a nightly temperature drop.

Should I mist my blue tongue skink?

Northern blues like 25-40% humidity, while more tropical varieties like the Indonesian, Irian Jaya, and others like 40-45% humidity. Misting the enclosure once a day will usually provide enough moisture for your blue tongue, but a nice humidity gauge can help you in this area.

What kind of tank does a skink need?

All blue tongue skink species will need a terrarium that is minimum 40 gallons. Larger species will need a 50 gallon tank. The only exception can be a Pygmy blue tongue, that is very small. Even though they are rarely kept as pets, a 20 gallon terrarium will be fine.

Do you need a heat lamp for blue tongue lizards?

Do skinks need heat lamps?

Lighting and heating are important because blue tongue skinks are cold blooded lizards and rely on outside heat to stay warm. They also need high basking temperatures to stay active and digest their food.