How do you shorten a Pulsar watch?

How do you shorten a Pulsar watch?

Place the watch face-down on a flat surface. Look on the back of the watch band. You will find an arrow that indicates which direction you should push the pins to remove the links. Find the point at which the extra links need to be removed for your watch to fit your wrist.

Is Pulsar a good brand of watch?

Are Pulsar Watches Good? Pulsar watches are designed with the same innovation and durability given to Seiko watches. Hence, they are some of the best models available on the market. As such, even though Pulsar may not be a household name, they hold a respectable amount of popularity among watch enthusiasts.

Do you need a spring bar tool?

A watch’s strap or bracelet is almost always held in place by two small steel spring-loaded bars that fit between the lugs, and while removing them doesn’t necessarily require a dedicated tool, using one certainly makes the operation easier.

Where can I get a watch link removed?

If you’re not confident about removing watch links yourself or don’t have the right tools, you can leave it to the professionals. Watch repair shops, key cutting places, and jewelry stores offer this service for a small fee.

How do you shorten a watch strap?

How to shorten a stretch watch band:

  1. Remember to work on soft ground.
  2. Take a small flat screwdriver and place it between a pin on the side of the watch band.
  3. Then remove the pins upwards.
  4. When that’s done, you also remove the pin on the other side of the band in the same way.
  5. Remove some links or add some.

Do jewelry stores charge to take links out of watches?

Short Answer: Department stores, jeweler shops, and watch repair kiosks are great places that offer watch resizing near me. Depending on where you visit or where you bought the watch, you can get watch links removed for free or for a low price.

Is Pulsar an expensive watch?

These days Pulsar focuses heavily on watches in the mid-tier range. You would be hard pressed to find a watch that cost over $1000; as a lot of them are priced for your average consumer. This means that their is a lot of options and availability for a Pulsar, and they still come with some great features.

How do you remove links from a watch band?

With this kind of watch band, you can easily remove links from any part of the band. [7] Bend down the top edge flaps. Place the watch face down on your work surface and bend down the top edge flaps of the section you intend to remove. Open the bottom edge flaps.

How do I adjust the band on my Pulsar watch?

Put the Pulsar watch on your wrist and note how many links you will need to remove to create the perfect fit. Remove the watch to begin your watchband adjustment. Spread your optical cleaning cloth out on a flat surface. Protect your Pulsar watch face by laying it face down on the optical cleaning cloth while you are sizing the band.

How do I protect my Pulsar watch face?

Protect your Pulsar watch face by laying it face down on the optical cleaning cloth while you are sizing the band. Look between the last five or six watch links, on the side of the band without the clasp, to locate the pins that secure the removable watch links.

How do I reassemble my watch band?

Once you have removed the necessary number of links, you can reassemble your watch band by simply reconnecting the links using the removed screw and a screwdriver. Measure the band.