How do you troll warlord?

How do you troll warlord?

Tips & Tactics

  1. Troll Warlord is faster in melee mode, making it easier to chase or escape from enemies.
  2. You can opt for the strategy to kill Roshan early.
  3. When your target enemy is starting to become harder to chase in melee form, keep in mind that you still have a ranged form.

Does Troll Warlord carry?

Troll Warlord is an agility carry hero whose most iconic ability is Berserker’s Rage – it allows him to switch between melee and ranged form at any time and the melee form grants him better stats and a chance to Ensnare.

What Magi says ogre?

Last hitting Ooh, shiny. Don’t mind if I do. Don’t mind if I do. Gifts for the magi.

What heroes counter trolls?

Troll WarlordCounters

Hero Dis. Hero Win Rate
Brewmaster 2.35% 46.76%
Gyrocopter 2.31% 48.86%
Razor 2.20% 48.59%
Shadow Shaman 2.18% 46.60%

What should I buy for Troll Warlord?

Dota 2 – The Best Items for Troll Warlord

  • Introduction. Often underestimated, Troll Warlord is capable of doing absolutely insane amounts of damage to the enemy lineup.
  • Diffusal Blade.
  • Sange and Yasha.
  • Satanic.
  • Butterfly.

How do you counter battle trance?

Force Staffs, Ghost Scepter, Eulses, and Banishes are all ideal counters. Troll gets shared vision on a locked target during Battle Trance if they’re within the acquisition range, so you can’t fog him to lose aggro. Troll ignores taunts when in Battle Trance, however fears can prevent him from attacking.

What Lane is Troll Warlord?

Troll WarlordRanged, Carry, Disabler, Durable, Pusher

Lane Presence Win Rate
Safe Lane 71.86% 50.18%
Off Lane 10.40% 48.18%
Mid Lane 8.39% 50.26%
Jungle 7.85% 48.33%

Who is Jarl in Dota?

JB Blanc is the voice of Jarl in DOTA: Dragon’s Blood.