How do you unlock upgrades in Spider-Man: Web of Shadows?

How do you unlock upgrades in Spider-Man: Web of Shadows?

To unlock the option to play through the game with previous upgrades, beat the game once through. Keep in mind that you have to cycle through the end credits once, then hit Continue from the game’s main menu before going through the credits a second time.

How many spiders are in a web of shadows?

In Spider-man: Web of Shadows, there is an incredible number of 2000 collectibles. They are very easy to see in the city and easy to catch. When you have 1000 of them, they’ll appear in your map as red dots.

What happened spider-carnage?

Peter struggled to separate the Carnage symbiote from himself but the alien proved too powerful. Spider-Carnage then sacrificed himself to stop the Carnage symbiote by throwing himself into the portal that destroyed him and the Carnage symbiote.

What happened spider Carnage?

How do you get different suits in Web of Shadows?


  1. Armor Spider-man (Black and Greys) – Complete Act 2.
  2. Ben Reily – Complete 25 city events.
  3. Cosmic Spider-Man – Complete Act 1.
  4. Iron Spidey – Collect 150 Spider Tokens.
  5. Spider Carnage – Defeat 500 enemies.
  6. Spider-Man 2099 – Complete 50 city events. ed. note – some of the above cheats have been reported false.

How strong is Spider-Man: Web of Shadows?

He defeated Venom 3 times including his more powerful building sized multi headed form and he can do this without the symbiot (except at the begining). Defeated and dominated the symbiot army. Took down Wolverine including his symbiot form and all of his villains in the game who also had symbiots.

What Earth Does Web of Shadows take place?

Earth-TRN009 is a reality where the video game Spider-Man: Web of Shadows takes place in.

Does Spider Man Web of Shadows have alternate costumes?

Alternate Costumes (Iron Spider-man’s costume was created by Tony Stark so you can sort of figure what colors are used.)