How do you use a Metpost?

How do you use a Metpost?

How to install a Fence Post using a Metpost

  1. Mark out where the post is going to go.
  2. Install the Metpost ensuring to keep it straight.
  3. Put the fence post into the Metpost.
  4. Attach a sacrificial piece of timber and hammer into place.
  5. Measure and mark the next position.
  6. Materials needed. Wooden Fence Post. Batten. Metpost. String.

Can you concrete in a fence post spike?

Concrete-in fence post holders are designed for use where soil conditions are unsuitable for drive-in spikes. The “shoe” should be set into a 450mm (18 inch) cube of concrete so that the base plate sits flush with the surface of the concrete. Don’t forget to check it is level before allowing the concrete to go off!

What is a Metpost?

Metpost is Britain’s leading brand of fence post supports and fencing accessories. Patented designs save you time, money and effort and ensure the end result is strong, durable and professional.

Can you concrete in a Metpost?

The Metpost system contains everything you need to put up a fence or pergola. Fixings can hold fence posts either by a wedge grip or bolt-tightening ‘system 2’. Post holders can then be driven into the ground, concreted-in or bolted down.

Does post buddy work?

Yes, Post Buddy will work on a round post, as long as your post is set in a concrete base. It’s the concrete base which is important, as it provides a firm, below-ground anchor for our system. You will need to position the Post Buddys as close to directly opposite each other as possible when fixing a round post.

How do you repair a split wood post?

  1. Mix Powdered Glue with Water.
  2. Paint Splits Liberally with Glue.
  3. Apply Clamps to Post.
  4. Fill Gaps with Scrap Wood.
  5. Remove Clamps and Excess Glue.
  6. Wrap a Chain Around Post.
  7. Wrap with Galvanized Sheet Metal.
  8. Secure with Roofing Nails.

How do you remove a broken fence post from a Metpost?

If the post is swollen in the metpost, no amount of manual leverage is going to get the post out.

  1. Drill a hole through the centre of the post from the side. OR attach some scrap wood on the side of the post.
  2. If you drilled through the post put a bar through the post.
  3. Use a trolley jack or bottle jack to lift the post out.