How do you use an expired planner?

How do you use an expired planner?

If you don’t have the heart to throw out that outdated planner, here are 10 things you can still use them for!

  1. Use it as this year’s planner. Share.
  2. Write daily letters to your future self. Share.
  3. Turn it into a doodle book. Share.
  4. Use it as a scrapbook. Share.
  5. Make DIY stickers. Share.

Can you reuse happy planners?

Does The Happy Planner have refills? Yes! And loads of them, with most priced below $12! The calendar/planner style refill pages are called “Extension Packs”, and they come in a LOAD of different varieties based on how you use your planner.

What year is the same as 2016?

Years with Same Calendar as 2016

Years with same starting weekday and equal number of days to 2016
Year Compared to year 2016 Since last
1988 28 years before + 28 years
2016 selected year + 28 years
2044 28 years after + 28 years

Should I throw away old calendars?

Using old calendars as part of your scrapbooking journey is a great way to throw away less trash this year. And if you personally don’t scrapbook, offer your old calendar up on Craigslist or your local buy nothing group and I bet there are some scrapbookers who would love to have it!

Where can I store old journals?

The best way to store your completed volumes is to keep them in archival quality (acid-free) boxes. Don’t keep them in wooden chests as the chests can become infested, or in metal boxes, unless they’re specially made for archival storage, as the boxes may corrode. Acid-free journals and paper are easy to find nowadays.

Can I recycle my planner?

The paper used in Happy Planners can be recycled WITHOUT stickers. If you have pages with stickers, the adhesive material cannot be processed and these should not be recycled. Make sure you separate these pages before tossing in the recycle bin!

When did Happy Planner start?

Since its launch in the spring of 2015, The Happy Planner® has quickly become the most popular and best-selling product line in our company’s 20-year history.