How do you use pepper as a verb?

How do you use pepper as a verb?

Definition of pepper with 1 : to hit (someone) repeatedly with (something) The boxer peppered his opponent with punches. —often used figuratively The reporters peppered her with questions.

What does the verb pepper mean?

transitive verb. 1a : to sprinkle or season with pepper. b : to shower with or as if with shot or other missiles. 2 : to hit with or as if with rapid repeated blows. 3 : to sprinkle or cover as if with pepper peppered the report with statistics a face peppered with freckles.

Is pepper a verb?

pepper verb [T] (ATTACK) to direct something suddenly and repeatedly at someone, as if attacking the person: The mayor was peppered with questions from reporters about the municipal corruption scandal. To pepper is also to add to something in many places: He peppered his speech with jokes.

What does it mean to call someone peppery?

easily angered; bad-tempered; irritable; irascible: the peppery leader of a political faction.

How do you use pepper as an adjective?

“We were served a crisp green salad with a few peppery radishes.” “He had recognized that under that kindly and polite demeanor was a very peppery temperament.” “Staff members toyed with marketing strategies, some of them apparently keyed to Bloomberg’s peppery sense of humor.” Seasoned with pepper.

How is pepper used as a noun?


  1. uncountable noun. Pepper or black pepper is a hot-tasting spice used to flavor food. Season with salt and pepper.
  2. countable noun. A pepper, or a bell pepper, is a hollow green, red, or yellow vegetable with seeds inside it. …
  3. transitive verb [usu passive]

What does the slang pepper gut mean?

noun. slang, derogatory US. A Mexican or Mexican-American person.

Is Pepperish correct?

The correct term is peppery – not pepperish.

Is peppered an adjective?

Seasoned with pepper. Speckled.

How do you use peppered in a sentence?

Peppered Sentence Examples He was peppered with questions from the rescuers, many of whom he recognized, but he held responses to a negative shake of his head and Billy Langstrom’s name. Brandon peppered her with questions, until she finally gave him her cell and let him listen to the messages.

Does peppery mean spicy?

Food that is peppery has a strong, hot taste like pepper. a crisp green salad with a few peppery radishes.

What is the difference between peppery and spicy?

Peppery specifically pertains to pepper. Spicy can also be peppery, but pertains to the amount of capsaicin or hotness in the food.

What is a salty girl?

Titled, SALTY GIRLS, because “people with CF have more chloride (salt) in their sweat than someone who does not have CF,” the project aims to show the bravery and beauty of women fighting this deadly disease and what it does to their bodies.

How do British people say pepper?

Below is the UK transcription for ‘pepper’: Modern IPA: pɛ́pə Traditional IPA: ˈpepə 2 syllables: “PEP” + “uh”

Is peppery correct?

Is peppery an English word?

adjective. 1Strongly flavoured with pepper or other hot spices. ‘To partner spicy or peppery dishes, New World Cabernets and Merlots generally stand up better than their European equivalents.