How do you win at Chocobo Racing?

How do you win at Chocobo Racing?

How to win Chocobo Races and other things you should know. To better prepare for races and get better results, these tips may help: To maximise your stamina, begin to sprint with Square / X, and before the sprint runs out, tap L2 to slide and do a little hop. After the hop, sprint again and repeat.

How do you get the best Chocobo racing in ff7?

The Green Chocobo is the best one to race as it doesn’t slow down when racing through the space station section of the race track like all of the other Chocobos do. Feed your Green Chocobo around 10 Sylkis Greens and return to Gold Saucer to win the races.

How do I get 0.0 in Chocobo race?

To get 0:0.0 the player must get 12 balloons and hit no birds. A more likely winning scenario is to finish in ~37-38 seconds, getting 14 balloons and allow one hit from the last pair of birds. The balloons are placed randomly, but the bird strikes happen in set places and they always aim for the same target.

When should I retire my chocobo?

rank 40
Once a race chocobo reaches rank 40, players can choose to retire it. This will permanently retire that chocobo and give you a Retired Chocobo Registration.

How do you get a pedigree 9 chocobo?

Another implication this has is that, since at least one chocobo must be one you raised when breeding, the only way to get to the maximum pedigree of 9 is to go up one pedigree at a time per chocobo.

Should I get a male or female chocobo?

Or doesn’t it matter? Assuming you mean for chocobo racing—doesn’t matter. You’ll ultimately want to start leveling up both male and female of equal pedigrees though once you reach a certain grade, so you get more breeding attempts and can try to breed the perfect racing chocobo.

How do you get Dodger chocobo?

Hyper Dodger Chocobo The strategy for this portion is long, wide, sweeping turns to dodge everything all at the same time. You are given more time to make it to the finish line so taking the long way and making huge ‘S’ figures is the optimal strategy. The prize for completing this mini-game is a Lv. 2 Key Sphere.

Where can I get a good chocobo?

the Gold Saucer Area
‘Great’ Chocobos can be found near the tracks in the Rocket Launch Pad and Mideel Areas and ‘good’ Chocobos can be found near the tracks in the Gold Saucer Area. The only way to acquire a Carob Nut other then spending 500GP is by stealing one from the vicious Vlakorados in the Icicle Area.

Can you retire a chocobo before Rank 40?

If you retired it before rank 40 (also rating is different than rank), you wont be able to breed it. You want a fledgling chocobo registration which you can find in central shroud here.

How do I get the chocobo mask?

Obtained From : Selling NPC(3)

  1. Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:11.3 Y:14.3)
  2. Old Gridania (X:10.0 Y:8.4)
  3. Ul’dah – Steps of Thal (X:12.6 Y:13.1)

How do I max out my Chocobo stats?

Feeding a chocobo greens can improve its stats, but only to the maximum of the chocobo’s potential. The only way to attain higher maximum Run and Dash is by breeding. Greens can be bought from the Chocobo Farm and from Chocobo Sage.