How does duolingo feel Italian?

How does duolingo feel Italian?

“How would you feel?”

  1. Come ti sentiresti? (addressing a single person, plain)
  2. Come si sentirebbe? (addressing a single person, formal)
  3. Come vi sentireste? (addressing two or more persons, plain/formal)
  4. Come si sentirebbero? (addressing two or more persons, very formal).

Do you know what he dared to say duolingo Italian?

Sai cosa ha osato dire? = Do you know what he dared to say?

How do you say sorry in Italian on duolingo?

“Sono davvero spiacente”. “My dispiace” is what is usually said to apologize.

How much is it in Italian duolingo?

“how much” = “quanto”; “How much is it?” = “Quanto è?”. But colloquially in English, we do leave out the ” is it”, so you’re not exactly wrong. I said “How much” as well.

What do you write on in Italian duolingo?

The word for “on” in Italian is “su” – so “On what do you write?” translates to “Su cosa scrivi?”

Can you pull me out of here in Italian duolingo?

“Mi puoi tirare da qui?”

Can you ask how much it costs duolingo Italian?

(The answer to the question would be “It costs….”) If you wanted to translate “it,” you would have to say «… quanto lui/lei costa?», depending on the gender of “it.” Thanks! That’s helpful!

How do you say how many of you are there in Italian duolingo?

Ricapitolando, come devo tradurre “Quanti siete?” How many are you?

How do you respond to ciao Bella?

People usually simply say piacere (nice to meet you), whether in formal or informal situations. Piacere – Piacere. Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you too.

How do you greet a girl in Italian?

How to greet someone in Italian

  1. Hello in Italian – informal.
  2. Hello in Italian – formal.
  3. Hello in Italian (evening greeting) – formal.
  4. Ciao – goodbye (informal)
  5. Arrivederci – goodbye (formal)
  6. A presto – see you soon (both formal and informal )
  7. Buona giornata – have a good day.
  8. Buona serata – have a good evening.

What is your daughter’s name in Italian duolingo?

This discussion is locked. While it in Italian not is grammatically wrong to ask “What is your daughters name?”, “Qual è il nome di tua figlia?”, – that is not how Italians normally would phrase such a question. They would rather say “What does your daughter call herself?”, “Come si chiama, tua figlia?”

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