How does ODA Nobuna end?

How does ODA Nobuna end?

Finally, after seeing his devotion to Nobuna, Hanbei developed feelings for him she could not understand, and would seem to hint that these are feelings of jealousy. She comes to have a dream as well, which is to make Yoshiharu shine just as he would have Nobuna do, and she decides to serve him and nobody else.

Is ODA Nobuna no Yabou a harem anime?

This is not Just a harem. In fact, this show have minimal-harem, and by that i mean little ecchi. No fan service (or at least not that i can remember). Anyways, the story is pretty well written, it is funny and based on the history of Oda Nobunaga, but in this version of history, all the important characters are girls.

Who is the MC in ODA Nobuna no Yabou?

Bontenmaru is also the main character of the Oda Nobuna no Yabō light novel spin off Jakigan Ryū Masamune which focuses on her history and activities during the events of the main novel.

What anime is Yoshiharu Hisomu from?

Yoshiharu Hisomu (Japanese: 日染芳春, Romanized: Hisomu Yoshiharu) is a main character and one of the group of seven kiznaivers in the titular anime, manga, and novel series Kiznaiver.

How tall is Hisomu Kiznaiver?

He appears to stand around 180 cm (5 feet, 10 inches) tall. Several characters point out that Hisomu is a “natural hot guy” (in constrast with Tsuguhito Yuta, who had to work hard to achieve and maintain his current appearance).

Who did Oda tell the end One Piece?

Oda has never told anyone his planned ending for One Piece, except for one person, that Child was a kid who had cancer, and was about to die soon, his family did a make a wish and that wish was for Oda to tell the kid the ending for One Piece because he has a big fan.

Who is number 3 in Phantom Troupe?

The #3 member of the Phantom Troupe, Machi is one of the most impressive members of the Phantom Troupe, thanks to her Nen abilities. Using her sewing needles and combining them with her Nen ability, Machi becomes a terrifying foe that most Nen users would rather avoid.