How does SAP read OB52?

How does SAP read OB52?

Enter the tcode OB52 to access the open and close periods transaction. If you are not sure of the posting period that is assigned to your company code, check the tcode OBY6, enter your company code and check which posting period variant is assigned here.

How do I unlock a posting period in SAP?

In SAP, we use transaction code OKP1 to unlock the period. In order to unlock prior period, the management or the concerned authorities should review the impact of posting entries in prior period.

What is open and close posting periods in SAP FICO?

SAP FI Posting period variant is used to maintain accounting periods that are open for posting and all closed period are balanced. This is used for opening and closing period in the fiscal year for posting purpose. You can assign these posting periods to one or more company codes.

What is SAP OBY6?

The SAP TCode OBY6 is used for the task : C FI Maintain Table T001. The TCode belongs to the FB0C package.

What is MM period in SAP?

It means for a particular company code, a posting period is maintained and posting to that document is only allowed within that period. A posting period for a company can be defined using five fields which are as follows − Maintain Fiscal Year Variant. Assign Fiscal Year Variant to Company Code.

What are document types in SAP?

The document type is a key that is used to classify accounting documents and distinguish between business transactions to be posted….Document Types in the Standard System.

Document Type Description
DG Customer credit memo
DZ Customer payment
DR Customer invoice
KZ Vendor payment

What is posting key in SAP FICO?

Posting Keys in SAP FI are used to determine Account types (A, D, K, M, and S) and also the type of posting. It is 2-digit numerical key. Different Account Types in SAP FI − A = Assets. D = Customers.

How do I create a transaction in SM30?

Create a new parameter transaction Start transaction SE93 to create a new tcode. Input the new transaction new and press Create . Enter a short description and select Transaction with parameters (parameter transaction) from the list. On the next screen enter SM30 as the Default value for transaction.

What is chart of accounts SAP?

The chart of accounts in SAP is a group of GL Accounts that controls the name of General GL Master, number of GL Master and some control information. In other words, it is the grouping of G/L accounts that forms the framework for recording accounting transactions in a structured way.

Can we open mm period in SAP?

In MMRV enter the period which you want to open. Go to MMRV and check the current period. Next go to MMPV close current period by period. You can open only one period at a time. If Financial year is from January to December then, period 01 = January and period 12=December in MM periods.

How many document types are there in SAP?

Document Types in the Standard System

Document Type Description
AB General document
CO CO posting
DG Customer credit memo
DZ Customer payment

What is GL account in SAP?

General Ledger (G/L) accounts are used to provide a picture of external accounting and accounts and to record all the business transactions in a SAP system. This software system is fully integrated with all the other operational areas of a company and ensures that the accounting data is always complete and accurate.

What is account Type K in SAP?

In FI account type are denoted by one character. A- Assets. D- Debtors (Customers) K- Creditors(Vendors) M- Material.

How many posting keys are there in SAP?

Account Type Vendor Posting Keys

Posting Key Description Account Type Debit/Credit
27 Clearing Vendor Debit
28 Payment clearing Vendor Debit
29 Special G/L debit Vendor Debit
31 Invoice Vendor Credit