How expensive is Whistler?

How expensive is Whistler?

Adult Whistler Blackcomb Price per day in Canadian dollars including taxes – advance purchase required
Excluding Peak dates* Ski Anytime
One Day $ 124 $ 146
Two Day $ 120 $ 142
Three Day $ 117 $ 138

Is Whistler worth the money?

Whistler Blackcomb is truly a ‘must visit’ resort in North America. If you ski or snowboard you need to make your way to Whistler at some point. The terrain, amenities, people, and snow (usually) are very good.

Is Whistler the same as Banff?

The big difference between Banff and Whistler is that Banff is a town, whereas Whistler is a resort. At Whistler, you can stay at any number of accomodations and go skiing without ever getting into your car.

When should I go to Whistler?

The best times to visit Whistler are from June through August and between December and March. The mountains see peak skiing conditions from December to February, and March brings warmer temperatures but still offers quality snow.

Is food expensive in Whistler?

While meal prices in Whistler can vary, the average cost of food in Whistler is CA$33 per day. Based on the spending habits of previous travelers, when dining out an average meal in Whistler should cost around CA$13 per person. Breakfast prices are usually a little cheaper than lunch or dinner.

Which is more beautiful Banff or Whistler?

Whistler has a better food scene than Banff and better outdoor summer entertainment, but Banff has more dramatic scenery which is more easily accessible by car, though it’s fairly spread out over a large area, and it’s also much more crowded.

Is skiing better in Banff or Whistler?

Banff is glorious when it’s sunny but it has its fair share of grey, overcast, snowy and wet days. Downhill skiing (at Norquay, Sunshine Village and Lake Louise) is nearby but it’s not as good as Whistler.

What’s the drinking age in Whistler?

SAFETY. Yes Whistler is a quaint village town, but nights can turn from great to bad pretty quickly so here are a few things to note to keep you safe: MUST BE 19+. The legal drinking age in BC and the majority of Canada is 19 (except for Alberta where it is 18).

Can you drink alcohol at Whistler Village?

In Pizza We Crust We’d say that’s a fine picnic in the making. NOTE: You can’t drink alcohol in public parks, so this might be more of a backyard picnic affair.

Where do you fly into for Whistler?

Vancouver International Airport
Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is the closest international airport to Whistler, located 135 kilometres south of Whistler in British Columbia, Canada. Driving time to Whistler is approximately 2 – 2.5 hours along Highway 99, a scenic road also known as the Sea to Sky Highway.

How cold is skiing in Whistler?

Temperatures are approximately 7 to 10°C cooler on top of the mountain than in the Valley….Average Alpine Temperatures.

December to February Low: -12°C / 11°F High: -5°C / 23°F
Average Snowfall 465 inches / 38.7 ft / 11.8 m per year on summit

Does Whistler have nightlife?

Whistler’s nightlife scene is electric with after-dark entertainment at nightclubs, bars, pubs and lounges, all within walking distance of each other. Light up your nights with a mix of live music, ma… read more. You choose the place and set the pace.

Where do locals hang out in Whistler?

The little hub is still a Whistler local’s favourite for living, working, and playing, Creekside is a highly sought after neighbourhood. It is home to a gondola uploading to Whistler mountain, a grocery market, a gym, and every Canadian’s favourite: a Tim Hortons.

How much is a taxi from Vancouver airport to Whistler?

If you wish to take a taxi up to Whistler Village from Vancouver International Airport, the cost is approximately $250. Contact Whistler Taxi at 1-800-203-5322.

Can you go to Whistler without a passport?

Americans visiting Canada do not need a visa for trips lasting less than 180 days. However, they are required to provide proof of citizenship and proof of identity, which can be a U.S. passport, passport card or NEXUS card.