How far is Pisa from the cruise port?

How far is Pisa from the cruise port?

The distance between Port of Livorno and Leaning Tower of Pisa is 20 km. The road distance is 27.4 km.

How far is Florence Pisa from cruise port?

Florence and Pisa are two top destinations close to Livorno and the main reason why ships call at Livorno port when on a cruise in the Mediterranean….Travel time from Livorno to Tuscany’s destinations.

BY TO Pisa
Train 20 min
Bus 1 hour via Tirrenia
Tour 45 min
Distance 16 miles 25 km

How do I get from Florence to the cruise port?

A train is the cheapest option, though not the fastest (all told, if you hit the connections just right, it’ll take a minimum 100 minutes, more like 120–140 minutes). There are one to three trains per hour making the 68– to 100-minute train ride from Livorno to Florence.

How much is a taxi from Livorno Port to Pisa?

The fastest way to get from Livorno to Leaning Tower of Pisa is to taxi which takes 23 min and costs €50 – €65.

Is Livorno worth visiting?

If you would like to experience a bit of the Tuscan seaside and city life, Livorno is a good choice for a day or weekend trip. With its approximately 160,000 inhabitants Livorno is actually the second-largest city in Tuscany.

How much is train from Florence to Pisa?

The fares are identical: a one-way ticket from Florence to Pisa will cost 8 euros. Some trains – particularly the express ones – may have a first class section that costs 13 euros. You need to stamp your ticket before getting on the train and no reservation is required, so pick any available seat.

Can you do a day trip to Pisa from Florence?

1. From Florence to Pisa by Train. There are over 40 trains from Florence to Pisa every day, making this a convenient and easy option for a day trip.

Is Florence or Pisa better?

Pisa has the leaning tower and a more chilled town vibe, and it’s close to mountains and the sea. Florence is better for entering the Tuscan winelands and is much more of a full-on city. It really comes down to what you’re after.

Is Pisa better than Florence?